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What Happened To King Viserys Face? How Did He Die In House Of The Dragon?

Leprosy infects King Viserys I Targaryen’s eye and cheek severely. Finally, the nasty disease causes the King’s death in the fantasy drama House of the Dragon.

You must have heard of the television series “Game of Thrones.” Well, it is one of the biggest TV shows in the US and worldwide. House of the Dragon is an independent prequel to the fantasy series.

House of the Dragon premiered on 21 August 2022 on HBO. The show’s last episode was aired on 9 October 2022. Episode 8 features King Viserys I Targaryen’s inevitable fate.

There are many questions surrounding the ending of the popular series. What happened to the King’s face? How did he lose an eye? More importantly, how did King Viserys die, and what were his last words? Let’s dive into the answers.

What Happened To King Viserys Face?

If you have watched any of the 8 eps of House of the Dragon, you must have witnessed King Viserys suffering from an unknown illness slowly eating his organs away.

It has been reported that Viserys is suffering from a form of leprosy. As the television series progressed, his disease also worsened. His bones began deteriorating.

Eventually, the King loses strength and becomes unable to heal from minor cuts induced by the edges of the Iron Throne. The nasty disease eats away at his arms and fingers. Leprosy also infected his face. In the most recent episode, he even had a rotting hole on the side of his face that exposed the inside of his body.

After his face was severely infected, Viserys wore bandages while in bed and a gold mask when he was in court. The right part of the King was gone, he lost his right eye, and his cheeks were wasted.

King Viserys face
King Viserys suffered from leprosy, losing an eye and his cheek rotting. (Source: CNET)

Besides, the King required a constant supply of the milk of the poppy to get through the days. Poppy milk is an opiate or drug made from poppy flowers. It can have powerful sedative effects when consumed in large amounts.

How Did King Viserys Die in House of the Dragon?

It was reported that King Viserys I Targaryen would die feverishly in his sleep. However, the manner of his death was altered significantly. Inverse reports, the Viserys died peacefully while napping in the Red Keep.

From the start, the major source of conflict in House of the Dragon was the successor of King Viserys I Targaryen on the Iron Throne. Although Rhaenyra was the first Targaryen queen, Veserys’ brother Daemon wanted the throne. On the other hand, Alicenet Hightower has already given birth to Viserys’s son.

Viserys had to die for the story to move forward effectively. But the quest was how and when. While the King faked his death in episode 5, he officially died in episode 8.

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Last Words Of King Viserys

King Viserys receives his poppy milk again, which seems to have caused hallucinations. He thinks of his spouse, Alicent as his daughter Rhaenyra said that she is the one who must carry the burden of his Song of Ice and Fire dream.

King Viserys last word meaning
King Viserys last words were “My Love,” which referred to his first wife. (Source: Screenrant)

He says, “My love,” and at that point, House of the Dragon eps eight cuts to black, which suggests Viserys’ official death. “My love” was the King’s last words, referring to Rhaenyra’s mother, Aemma Arryn. King continued to love Aemma even after her brutal death in House of the Dragon episode 1.

Viserys’ last words were meant to convey that he finally died and his reunion with his first wife. However, Alicent appears to believe that King’s final statements are different. The last words mistakenly gave Alicent permission to usurp the throne.

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