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Who Is Zachariah Larry? Man Arrested On SCU Campus Charge Age And Family

After a metro University campus was on lockdown on Monday, a wanted felon was arrested.

Zachariah Larry allegedly fled after missing bail on a number of offenses, including a shooting that took place in Texas, according to a bondsman and Bethany police.

In Texas’ Texarkana and Pontotoc County, Zachariah Larry was wanted for committing violent crimes.

Who Is Zachariah Larry? 

Zachariah Larry is a suspect who has committed a string of crimes, including a shooting that occurred in Texas.

The suspect who was detained on Monday morning at Southwestern Christian University has been identified, according to the Bethany Police Department. After the campus was put on lockdown, the arrest occurred.

The scenario was reported to Bethany police at 11 am on Monday.

Chief John Reid of the Bethany Police Department said that they received information from Southwest Christian school security that they may have had a suspect on campus who had felony warrants.

Although Reid insisted that there was no active shooter situation on campus on Monday, reports about the incident started circulating there.

Even though the situation at Southwestern Christian University is unsettling, students stated they believe that both the school and the police have their safety as their main priority.

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Zachariah Larry Arrest And Charges: What Happened?

According to police authorities speaking to News 9, the school asked for assistance from the police when a suspect named Zachariah Larry, who had a felony warrant out for his arrest, showed up on campus.

Student C.J. Young revealed that they started getting texts and emails about it, and he realized it was very serious.

The location of Larry’s girlfriend, Southwestern Christian University, was discovered by investigators.

Zachariah Larry

He was also the suspect in the Texarkana Walmart Shooting.

Police in Texarkana were looking for Larry in a shooting that happened Friday night at about 9:45 pm in the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot in the 3300 block of Summerhill Road.

Inside the store, Larry and the 43-year-old victim got into a verbal argument that spilled over into the parking lot and turned physical. At some time, Larry took a shot at the victim with a gun. Larry left the area right away.

The bail bondsman claimed to have followed Larry for six months and to have seen him enter campus with his girlfriend.

When they found him, he did not resist and did not have any weapons around him.

The bondsman claimed that he and the detectives addressed his girlfriend after concluding that Larry was in her room.

The facility was immediately evacuated, and children were informed by school administrators.

Larry is presently imprisoned. Police in Bethany said that his girlfriend was being held and might be charged.

Zachariah Larry Age And Family Details

The suspect, Zachariah Larry, is 22 years old as of 2022.

His date of birth details has not been revealed yet.

The information regarding Zachariah Larry’s personal life and family details have not been disclosed.

Wherever his parents and family members are, they might be ashamed of his wrongdoings and crimes.

The only information regarding a person who is related to Zachariah is his girlfriend.

The bondsman claimed that Larry’s girlfriend was hesitant to lend a hand.

He said that her primary worry was that they didn’t even know him in his most aggressive form and that he wasn’t actually violent.

The bondsman claimed that Larry’s criminal history, some of which is now under seal, proved otherwise.

“He would kill you for any cause, and the majority of his justifications involved robbing you in order to get what he wanted. I don’t care how,” the bondsman remarked.

He claimed that Larry exhibited no regret on Monday.

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