Ezekiel Elliott: Tattoos, Injuries & Net Worth

Ezekiel Elliott, also known as Zeke, is a running back for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

On July 22, 1995, the footballer was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He has two siblings.

Ezekiel is regarded as one of the most promising young players in the National Football League (NFL).

Ezekiel Elliott playing for Dallas Cowboys.
Ezekiel Elliott playing for Dallas Cowboys.

Moreover, Elliott has cemented his position as one of the top running backs in the league.

On the field, the large American dazzles the fans with his skills and ability. He is also a generous philanthropist who invests heavily in his community.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ezekiel Elijah Elliott
Birth Date July 22, 1995
Birth Place Alton, Illinois, USA
Residence Dallas, USA
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American 
Hobbies Basketball & Baseball
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education John Burroughs School, Ohio State University
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Stacy Elliott
Mother’s Name Dawn Elliott
Siblings Lailah Elliott and Aaliyah Elliott
Age 28 Years Old
Height 183 cm (6 feet)
Reach Not Available
Weight 228 lbs (103 kg)
Eye Color Brown 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Body Type Athletic
Profession American Football Player
Associated Teams Dallas Cowboys
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Halle Woodard
Active Years 2006-
Children None
Net Worth $23.3 million (as of 2024)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Merchandise Signed Helmets, Signed Jersey, Signed Photo
Last Update February, 2024

Ezekiel Elliott: Age, Height, and Weight

28-year-old Ezekiel Elliot is a Dallas Cowboys running back that weighs roughly 228 lbs (103 kg).

Moreover, the American footballer is approximately 183 cm (6 feet) tall.

Aside from that, he has brown eyes and short dark brown hair.

Ezekiel Elliott: Early Life

The now, 28-year-old was always active in sports since he was a child. 

Ezekiel was interested in a variety of sports, not only football. Baseball and basketball were the two sports that drew the running back’s attention.

The running back attended Burroughs School in Missouri, where he was a member of the football team.

The player was rated as a four-star recruit by Scout.com. Then Ezekiel enrolled at Ohio State University. 

Moreover, the player also played for the Ohio Buckeyes football team.

He received many awards during his college football career, such as Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and Second-team All-American.

Similarly, the footballer also received Big Ten Most Valuable Player and First-team All-Big Ten.

Ezekiel Elliott: Personal Life

Ezekiel was born to Stacy Elliott (father) and Dawn Elliott (mother). Moreover, the player also has two sisters named Lailah Elliott and Aaliyah Elliott.

Following his rookie contracts, Ezekiel purchased a new home for his parents.

The running back was born into a sporting household. Stacy Elliott, his father, was a member of the Missouri football team.

Dawn Elliott, Zeke’s mother, was a three-sport state winner in high school, while Zeke’s grandfather was a Drake University basketball star.

Elliott comes from a sporting family since his uncle, Shawn Huff, is a professional basketball player in Finland.

Kosta Karageorge, a member of the Ohio State football team, was a close buddy of the running back.

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Ezekiel’s personal life is a closely guarded secret that he has managed to keep hidden. Halle Woodard is said to be his girlfriend.

On the prominent social networking platform Instagram, his mother, Dawn Elliott, shares multiple couple images.

Ezekiel Elliott, as a child with his mother
Ezekiel Elliott, as a child with his mother.

Halle has also been to several Elliott family gatherings. She attended his sister Lailah’s birthday celebration as well as the family’s Thanksgiving feast.

However, the couple kept their connection a closely guarded secret and has been doing so. 

Tiffany Thompson, who worked in an Ohio nightclub, and Leanne Hursterm were two of Ezekiel’s previous girlfriends.

Elliott and Thompson separated, as he allegedly abused Tiffany physically and mentally. 


The tattoo-obsessed American has several tattoos all over his body. He has 14 tattoos covering his entire body.

For instance, he has a tattoo of his mother on his left forearm, and in other places, there are tattoos depicting animals and things he likes.

O & 15

As a nod to where he began his career, the tattoo commemorates his collegiate football days.

The tattoo of the letter “O” with a buckeye leaf signifies his team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the number 15 is the jersey number he wore.


A big tattoo of a rottweiler dog can be found on the inside side of his right forearm.

Furthermore, Ezekiel got this tattoo to show affection for one of his dogs, Ace, who he adopted.


The words “GOD GIVEN” are tattooed vertically on the backside of his right upper arm.

Skull Tattoo 

A big skull tattoo with a dark inked background can be found on the footballer’s right bicep.

Ezekiel got the skull tattoo because he is a fan of skulls, zombies, and other comparable things.


A depiction of a woman’s face is tattooed on the side of his upper left arm.

This tattoo was done to cover up an earlier tattoo of a city view with an archway.


Likewise, a tattoo of two hands holding a trophy is found on the footballer’s upper left arm.

The College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy, which he won with the Ohio State Buckeyes, is tattooed on his arm.

God Strengthens

The words “God Strengthens” are tattooed on Ezekiel’s left bicep.

Ezekiel’s religion provides him with inspiration and power; thus, he has this tattoo to remind him of that.


Ezekiel’s right upper arm and shoulder are covered in a big tattoo of a cheetah’s face.

The cheetah is a sign of agility and is noted for its speed. Ezekiel exemplifies this characteristic by getting a tattoo of the beast since he resembles it.


Similarly, a big tattoo of a howling wolf’s face, the moon behind its head, and large trees immediately below it can be found on the left side of Ezekiel’s upper back.

Ezekiel Elliott flexing his muscle
Ezekiel Elliott flexing his muscle

Moreover, the wolf is a symbol of strength and self-assurance. The wolf-tattoo serves as a symbol of power while also expressing his love for his family.


A tattoo of his own face can be found on the right side of his right lower leg wearing a band on the forehead.

But there’s a twist to the tattoo: his eyes are pallid, and it’s been done to make him look like a zombie Ezekiel. It also wears a crown on its head.


A big tattoo pattern of rose flowers covers the left half of his chest and collar bone.


He has a boy’s face tattooed on the right side of his chest—the portrait tattoo of his own face from when he was a child.


A tattoo of a woman’s image is tattooed on the outside side of his left forearm.

The woman depicted in the portrait is Ezekiel’s mother, Dawn Elliott, whom he cherishes.


A tattoo inspired by the jungle theme with enormous trees and a thick forest region is tattooed on the inner side of his left forearm.

Furthermore, it also has several large wild cats and monsters on it.

Ezekiel Elliott: Diet and Exercise


Ezekiel has hired a personal chef, Chef Hoppie, to take care of his food and the amount of nutrition he requires.

Furthermore, Elliott consumes high-protein and high-carbohydrate foods.

Chicken, fish, and meat are some of his protein sources, along with some carbs. He also has asparagus with yellow rice and roasted chicken on the menu.


Ezekiel Elliott is very concerned with his physical appearance and goes to great lengths to stay up with the games.

There are five unique exercises that he includes in his workout routine among those activities.

Likewise, he holds the frog plank position for 30 seconds before repeating it for half a minute. 

Moreover, the running back carries a stone weighing roughly 50 pounds over his shoulder and tossing it for the following 30 seconds.

He also does cycling core drills, in which he alternates between light and heavy paddling.

In conclusion, Ezekiel Elliott is concerned about his health and works out regularly.

Ezekiel Elliott: Career

Ezekiel’s ability to beat his opponents with his size, speed, and strength has made him one of the top football players in the world.

Because of his abilities, he was awarded offensive player of the year by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2012 after a stellar season.

The player also competed in track and field events at the state level.

After clocking 10.95s in the 100m dashes, 22.05s in the 200m dash, 13.77s in the 110m, and 37.52s in the 300m hurdles, the running back was voted “Gatorade Track Athlete of the Year” in Missouri.

He rushed for 262 yards and scored two on 30 carries as a rookie.

Similarly, in 2014, the American assisted Ohio State in reaching the first-ever College Football Playoffs.

Elliott rushed for 230 yards and scored 20 runs to win over Alabama’s top squad. They won the 2015 Super Bowl 42-35.

During his stay at Ohio State University, he won the “Offensive Player of the Game” award. 

He also won Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year and 2015 Ameche-Dayne Running Back of the Year, among other honors.

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Dallas Cowboys

In 2016, Zeke was drafted into the NFL by the Dallas Cowboys.

The American footballer agreed to a lucrative contract worth up to $25 million, plus a $16 million signing bonus.

On suspicion of breaking a personal behavior regulation, Ezekiel was suspended for the first six games of the 2017 season.

Ezekiel Elliott playing for Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott playing for Dallas Cowboys

During his suspension, Elliott spent a lot of time in Mexico, training on his own. Before his reinstatement, he was training and repairing his hamstrings in Mexico.

Elliott had 983 running yards, seven rushing touchdowns, and 269 receiving yards, and two receiving scores on the season.

During the 2018 season, the pro footballer earned the rushing title.

Elliott signed a six-year $90 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys on September 4, 2019, with $50 million guaranteed.

It extends the running back position in Dallas until 2026.


The huge American football player sustained his first injury in pre-season training in 2014, when he suffered a hand wrist fracture.

Therefore, the big American needed wrist surgery in 2014 and again in 2015 to stabilize the wrist.

Two years later, the running back sprained his thigh hamstring and missed a majority of preseason practice.

Elliott’s success, however, is due to his physical prowess. In 2020, he suffered another calf injury.

He did, however, end the 2020 season with 979 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground.

The player also has 52 receptions for 338 yards on the ground.

Ezekiel Elliott: Net Worth 

Firstly, Ezekiel was picked by the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL in 2016. 

Moreover, his rookie contract was worth up to $24.9 million, and the Dallas Cowboys re-signed him in 2019.

The NFL has made this native of Illinois a very wealthy man.

Ezekiel Elliott has an estimated net worth of $23.3 million.

Elliott also inked a six-year deal worth $90 million with the Dallas Cowboys in 2019, with $50 million guaranteed.

His collaborations with several international firms, such as Nike and Bio Steel, have further added to his wealth.

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Ezekiel Elliott: Social Media 

Ezekiel Elliott is a frequent user of social media. The gifted running back has amassed a sizable social media following.

Likewise, he talks about his training and community service and shares images of his family and friends.

On social media, the 6-foot footballer has an incredible number of fans. He has over 2.9 million followers on Instagram

Similarly, over 457K people follow Ezekiel Elliott on Facebook, and he also has a Twitter following of 2.1 million.

Moreover, he is very active on Twitter and tweets lots of information about games. 

Ezekiel Elliott: Achievements and Awards

In his professional football career, the pro footballer has received numerous awards.

Since 2016, the 28 has been a member of the NFL.

Since he was a child, he has been playing and honing his football talents.

Throughout his football career, he has won various awards. Here are a few examples:

  • CFC National Champion
  • Big Ten Champion
  • Pro Bowl
  • NFL Castrol Edge Clutch Performer of the Week
  • NFL Rushing Yards leader. 

Ezekiel Elliott: Philanthropy

The American not only makes a lot of money playing for the Dallas Cowboys, but Elliott has also always volunteered and given back to the community.

Equally important, the running back is well-known for his philanthropic efforts.

Zeke quickly contributed a significant sum of one hundred thousand dollars to The Salvation Army in Dallas after signing a $90 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott: Quotes

“I’m going to keep grinding until I win and become the best in the world. This is my way of life.”

“I was raised with the expectation of perfection in mind.”

“Every week, I want to improve and believe that I will be better than before.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ezekiel Elliott have tattoos? 

Elliott is a big fan of tattoos and has them all over his body.

He has 14 tattoos on his body. His “Feed Me” tattoo on his stomach is well-known, and he wears it as a symbol of celebration.

What is Ezekiel Elliott’s longest run?

The running back’s longest run is 27 yards, which he accomplished in2nd week of the 2019 season.

What is Ezekiel Elliott’s ranking? 

Elliott is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s most promising young players.

Likewise, on the NFL Top 100 list for 2020, he was ranked number 24.

What is the jersey number Ezekiel Elliott wears for Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys running back, Elliott, wears the #21 jersey.

Is Ezekiel a good fantasy pick? What is his career statistic like? 

Ezekiel has a high fantasy football value and is on pace for a 300-carry season.

The running back has 6384 rushing yards, 1957 receiving yards, and 241 receptions to his credit.

Elliott has a 4.5 yard per carrying average, 45 rushing touchdowns, and ten receiving touchdowns.

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