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Patrick Kane: Contract, Wife, Jersey & Net Worth

Are you interested in Ice Hockey? If you are, then you surely must have heard of one of the best players ever to play the game. Yes, we are indeed talking about Patrick Kane.

Patrick is an American-born ice hockey player who started at an early age and rose to the top of the game in no time.

He was drafted in the NHL by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2007, and that’s when he had a big breakthrough.

Kane became one of the biggest assets for the Blackhawks over the years and is still with them.

He became the first American player to win both the prestigious Hart Memorial Trophy and Art Ross Trophy.

Patrick Kane age
Patrick Kane, 32, American NHL Player

Similarly, he was also included in the NHL’s Greatest 100 players for the year 2017.

Furthermore, he is also a two-time Olympian, currently captain of the American national hockey team.

Before looking going further into Kane’s career, let’s take a look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full Name  Patrick Timothy Kane II
Birth Date  November 19, 1988
Birth Place  Buffalo, New York
Residence  Hamburg, New York
Religion  Catholic
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  White
Education  Saunders Secondary School, Detroit Country Day School, Huron High School
Zodiac Sign  Scorpio
Father’s Name  Patrick Kane, Sr.
Mother’s Name  Donna Kane
Siblings Jessica Kane, Erica Kane, Jacqueline Kane
Marital Status  Engaged
Fiancé  Amanda Grahovec
Child  Patrick Timothy Kane III
Age  35 years old
Height  5’10″/178 cm
Weight  177 lb/80 kg
Eye Color  Brown
Hair Color  Brown/Black
Profession  Ice Hockey player
Current team  Chicago Blackhawks
Active Years 2007-Present
Net Worth  $28 Million
Social Media  Twitter
Merch  Blackhawks White Replica Jersey, Signed Olympics Jersey
Last Update May, 2024

Patrick Kane: Age, Body Measurements, and Physical Appearance

Patrick Kane is 35 years old as of now, and he will soon turn 36 in few months. The American Ice Hockey player stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Similarly, he weighs about 177 lb which is approximately 80 kilograms. Also, he has quite a well-built and athletic body.

A perfect and body to play ‘Ice Hockey’ as you need a lot of stamina and strength with a slight agility hint.

His athletic body is complimented a lot by his handsome face, brown eyes, and brownish hair.

Despite being 32, he is in fit shape and still on the active roster of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Patrick Kane: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Horoscope

Kane is obviously an American, as he was born and raised in the USA. He is a very proud American who has also represented America in the Olympics and other tournaments.

Patrick belongs to White ancestry as both of his parents are from America with a pure American background.

Similarly, as he was born in November, he falls under the Scorpio sign under the Zodiac signs.

Scorpios are said to be determined, and from my perspective, Kane is full of determination.

Patrick Kane: Family, Siblings, and Education

Patrick Timothy Kane II was born in November 1988 in Buffalo, New York. The player was born to his father, Patrick Kane Sr. and his mother, Donna Kane.

They were not super rich but not too poor as well. They were a middle-class family with three daughters and a son.

Likewise, he grew up in buffalo together with his three sisters: Jessica Kane, Erica Kane, and Jacqueline Kane.

Kane was interested in Hockey since he was a kid, and his father showed him full support and taught him all the basics.

He is very close with his parents, and his parents cherish him a lot as well.

Moving on to his educational life, he has attended three schools and did not attend college as he pursued his career instead of studying further.

Kane attended Saunders Secondary School, Detroit Country Day School, Huron High School throughout his childhood.

While attending these schools, he also played hockey for his school team and improved slowly but surely.

Patrick Kane: Early Life & Family

Patrick Kane grew up in Buffalo in New York, where he first fell in love with hockey.

He fell in love with the sports of hockey even before he was starting to walk properly.

While growing up, he played for different clubs in his hometown. He used to practice his hockey skills in a hockey arena in Buffalo that was still under construction.

He did not have many alternatives, so Kane made the most out of what he could.

Likewise, his father loved his son’s passion for hockey, always supported him, and became his first teacher. Kane learned all his basic skills from his father when he was a kid.

He would help him understand and make him learn new tricks while playing.

At the young age of 9, Kane played in a small league in his hometown. It was called the Summer League, and it was held in Wheatfield.

He played so well that everyone was astonished about how a kid can perform that well.

After the game ended, the parents of other kids managed to convince the tournament managers to ban Patrick from playing there.

Well, those parents were really insecure about a small kid. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Despite that incident, It was actually an accomplishment for Kane as it proved he was too good for his age and was ready to face older opponents.

Patrick Kane: Career Stats

Patrick was a bright child and a very athletic one, and he started playing when he was starting to walk properly.

When he was nine years old, he was way better than any other nine-year-old. Even if he was so talented, he was too young to be recruited by any teams yet.

It was not until 14 years that he would enter a professional team and play for them.


When Kane was 14, He was approached by a team named USA Bobcats. He played with them for a while and also became their star player.

Unfortunately, he had to move to Michigan after a short time, so he could not continue playing for USA Bobcats.

But this became an opportunity for Kane as he was moving to Michigan with a former NHL player, Pat Verbeek.

Verbeek convinced Kane to play for a club in Detroit named Honeybaked AAA hockey club.

He joined the club and played together with them for the next three years while receiving training from the former NHL player Pat.

At this point, Kane was still studying in Detroit Country Day school to pursue his career. He dropped out and focused on his Hockey game.

In 2004, during the Ontario Hockey League Midget Draft, London Knights had drafted Kane, but he was unwilling to play for them for the time being.

He chose not to play with them because he was also drafted into the American U-18 team. So he wanted to focus on the national team first.

But eventually, he agreed after 2 years in 2006 and played for them, and he shined brighter than any player on the team.

The London Knights lost the playoffs, but Kane ended the season with an extraordinary stat of 10 goals and 21 assists for 31 points in 16 games.

That year, he won the award for rookie of the year, and he was also named the runner-up MVP of the season.

Other big teams watched him, which was the time to grab him and bring Kane into their team.

Moving to Chicago Blackhawks

During the 2007 NHL draft, Kane was ranked the priority draft of the season due to his performance in the previous season. He got drafted by one of the biggest clubs in Ice hockey, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Furthermore, Kane signed a three-year contract with the Blackhawks and was ready to rumble with them.

Kane made his official Chicago Blackhawks debut on October 4, 2007, against Minnesota Wild.

Despite not scoring in that game, he played a fantastic game, and he was selected again on the main team for the next game.

Next match, he was ready to score, and so he did against Dominik Hasek. He recorded his first-ever goal and assisted in the same game for Chicago Blackhawks.

He was named the rookie of the month, and he was starting to grab the attention of the fans.

In December of 2007, Patrick was ready to return to his hometown as the Blackhawks faced Buffalo Sabres.

Unfortunately, Blackhawks lost the game with a score of 3-1 in Buffalo’s favor. Kane scored the goal for the Blackhawks.

Kane continued playing for the Blackhawks and performed well, and the whole team was like a new team as they had many youngsters, and Kane was leading the charge.

Contract Renew

In 2009, Patrick scored his first-ever hattrick for Chicago Blackhawks.

He scored it against Vancouver Canucks, with an amazing performance. Kane was also awarded the MVP of the game.

Unfortunately, after the Blackhawks got eliminated from the 2009 season, Kane’s contract was also coming to an end.

Patrick loved it there in Chicago Blackhawks, so he decided to renew his contracts with the team. He reportedly made a contract of $31.5 Million. He signed a new contract for 5 years.

A huge investment for the Blackhawks, but it was worth it.

In 2010, Kane was fired up and leading the charge; He led the 2010 Stanley Cup finals.

Blackhawks were facing Philadelphia Flyers.

It was an intense game, and the game continued to overtime.

It was getting hard for everyone as they were all tired, and finally, Kane put it to an end when he scored an amazing goal in the overtime.

That goal assured the win for the Blackhawks, and it was the first time in 49 years that the Blackhawks had won the Stanley Cup.

The next season started, and Patrick was selected as the alternate captain for the Blackhawks.

In the 2012-13 season, the NHL games were canceled for the season due to a dispute between the league association and players.

During this time, Kane went to Switzerland and joined a team there named EHC Biel.

He did well there as expected, but he had to return as he still had the contract with the Blackhawks.

Continuing with the Blackhawks

After the dispute was over, and NHL was ready to continue in the year 2013.

During the 2013 season, the Blackhawks continued their win streak and went on to the finals of the Stanley Cup again.

They were facing Boston Bruins this time.

Kane scored three goals and led the team to victory, and he also lifted his second-ever Stanley Trophy in a row.

During the 2014 season, the NHL player had a rough start as he suffered a knee injury after colliding with a player from St. Louis Blues.

The injury cost him to stay out of the scene for a bit, but he returned for the 2014 Playoffs.

He was on his top form with his anticipated return and scored a team-high 20 points in 19 games with 8 goals and 12 assists.

On July 9, 2014, the Blackhawks announced how Kane had renewed his contract with the team for 8 more years.

He agreed on the contract for $10.5 Million annually.

That is roughly $84 Million for the contract renewal: a huge sum but a worthy investment for what he brings to the team.

In the following season, he was in top form, scored 27 goals, and provided 37 assists during the season.

But unfortunate events followed as he was injured again.

He hurt his left clavicle on February 24, 2015, and was out for few games.

Luckily, he recovered quicker than anyone anticipated, and he was back for the 2015 playoffs.

Current Career

He ended the 2015 season with amazing statistics of 106 points. He became the first Blackhawk player ever to do so.

Similarly, that year, Kane won the Ted Lindsay Award, a prestigious award given to the season’s best player.

In the 2016 season, Patrick was selected as the captain of the Central Division team for the all-star games.

Furthermore, he continued his great performance, and at the end of 2017, he was selected in the 100 Greatest NHL Players list for NHL’s history.

Partick continued his form when he scored five points in a single game in 2018. He did it against the Ottawa Senators.

During the same year, he recorded his 800th career point and became the fifth player to do so in the history of the Blackhawks.

And just a year ago, in 2020, Kane scored his 1000th career point and became the only fourth player to achieve that feat.

He is still playing and achieving and striving for greatness.

International career and Olympics

Kane is a great player, so yes, he has attended the Olympics for America and played for his country.

Kane’s International Career began back in 2006 when he played for the U-18 team of America.

One of Kane’s major achievements was at the start of his career in the 2006 IIHF U18 Championships.

In this tournament, Kane led the American team to victory with his spectacular performance and contribution of 12 points.

Kane also represented America in the 2010 winter Olympics in the game of Ice hockey. He played well and earned the American team a silver medal.

The next Olympics he attended was 2014, where he led the American team to the semifinals but lost.

And in the game for the bronze medal, Kane, unfortunately, missed two penalties causing the team to lose and get eliminated without any medal.

His latest achievements in the international format come in the form of a bronze medal in the 2018 IIHF World Championship.

Despite not winning the tournament, he was named the MVP of the tournament.

Patrick Kane: Relationship and Newborn Baby

Patrick is quite lucky when it comes to relationships because he has a beautiful and loving girl by his side.

Kane has been dating Amanda Grahovec for over 10 years now, and they are madly in love with each other.

Similarly, Amanda is a very supportive girlfriend, supports Patrick in his decisions, and helps him become a better person.

Patrick and Amanda
Patrick and Amanda
(Image source – The Guardian)

The two have been dating for the last decade and got engaged last year in 2020. Patrick and Amanda came out of the limelight in 2013 when Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup.

After ten years of relationship, the couple finally had a baby in early 2020.

Amanda gave birth to Patrick’s son on November 12th of 2020. Just a few days before Kane’s birthday. They decided to name the baby ‘Patrick Kane III.’

Patrick was pleased and proud of them of this moment and shared his happiness on Twitter.

Patrick Kane: Controversies

Despite being a star player for a famous club, Patrick has had few controversies during his career.

The first one being when he punched a cab driver and got an assault charge in 2009.

He was charged with robbery and theft, but he pled not guilty but later one they were pleaded guilty with misconduct charges and given a conditional discharge.

Another controversy in Kane’s Career happened when he was allegedly charged for sexual assault, but he denied those allegations.

The charges were removed from him as there was no circumstantial evidence of the charge.

Patrick Kane: Net Worth

Throughout his career playing for Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick has made tons of wealth, and he has also signed million-dollar contracts.

Patrick Kane is estimated to have a networth of $28 Million.

As a professional hockey player for a famous club, it is expected that he is worth that much.

Aside from all his career-winning money and contract money, Kane also earns tons from his endorsements and advertisement appearances.

Kane currently has endorsement deals with Bauer and Chevrolet. Both big companies and Patrick sure do earn a lot from them.

Similarly, as for advertisements, Kane has appeared in few advertisements for Gatorade, Bauer, and Mcdonalds, etc.

Patrick Kane's House
Patrick Kane’s House
(image source – the post-game)

Kane currently owns a house as well in Hamburg, New York. He bought a house around the shore of Lake Erie in 2012.

He currently resides there when he is on his off-season.

Patrick Kane: Social Media

Patrick is not on most of the social media platforms except for Twitter.

He has around 765.2K followers on his Twitter account and frequently posts his games and lifestyle.

He is not really addicted to social media, but he sure loves sharing his life moments with his fans.


Is Patrick Kane still playing for Chicago Blackhawks?

Yes, he still plays for Chicago Blackhawks and will continue playing till 2022 as per his contract.

What is Patrick Kane’s NHL ranking?

He currently ranks at no.4.

Who is the captain of the American National Men’s hockey team?

Patrick Kane is the Captain of the American National Men’s hockey team.

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