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Ranking 15 best centers in NFL of this Year

The center position is one of the most important yet underrated positions compared to elite tackles or guards in the NFL. So today, we will be ranking the 15 best centers in the NFL of this Year.

The center position is a significant role that not anyone can play as it requires quick decision-making skills paired with the tasks they are assigned to do pre and post-snap.

Being a center is really hard in Football, and it is often found that the team with the better center wins the game due to their shot-calling ability.

Ranking 15 best centers in NFL 2024 season

15. Mitch Morse

Coming on number 15 of our list is the star from Buffalo Bills, Mitch Morse.

Mitch Morse is one of the best pass protectors of all time and has a grade above 70 in his NFL career.

Over the course of six years of Mitch’s career, he has never been graded below 70 in a single season.

Despite the great pass protection score, he lacks a bit on the run blocking area as he has never been graded above 70 in that aspect.

Mitch Morse during a game

Last season, Morse popped off and was great in circulating pass across the field while moving forward.

And at the end of the season, Buffalo Bills had the second-highest successful pass rate in the NFL.

14. Matt Paradis

Next on our list is the Center of Carolina Panthers.

Matt Paradis is the center of the Carolina Panthers.

He was considered as one of the best centers in the NFL in previous seasons when he was playing for Denver.

Coming from Denver, people had high hopes for Matt, but he failed to live up to the expectation in the 2020 season.

Despite not performing that well, he did a great job protecting his opponent’s passes.

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13. Alex Mack

Alex Mack, the center of San Fransisco 49ers, is one of the best centers on this list.

Even at the age of 38 Years Old, he is still playing decent and has proven himself over the course of his career.

Mack has performed extraordinarily over the last few years.

In his 2016 season as the Falcons offensive coordinator, he played the best football of his career. That was one of his highest-graded seasons in his career.

12. David Andrews

David Andrews is the man who handles the center position for the New England Patriots.

In 2019, Andrews suffered from a bad blood clot issue in his lungs and was out of the season, but he returned to the team last season.

After the awaited return, David was expected to perform well, and he did.

Despite the fact he was out of the NFL for a whole season, he performed well.

Over the last five seasons, David was ranked as the seventh-most valuable center in the NFL.

11. Ryan Jensen

One of the most popular centers is Rayn Jensen. He plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He is one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Moreover, he is considered one of the best centers in the NFL.

Ryan plays the game as his team needs him to play, and he often creates opportunities for his team.

He is also a great run blocker, and from the stats of his last two seasons, we can clearly see why he is one of the best.

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10. Chase Roullier

As the tackle positions of the Washington Football Team is facing some changes and the team has decided to introduce two new tackles in both left and right side.

The only consistent player on the team seems to be their center, Chase Roullier.

Despite performing extremely well in the last season, Roullier was disappointed by his team as their performance was lackluster.

Due to the change in the offensive lineups, the Washington Football team is not upfront about their team’s performance.

However, they are hoping for another career-best performance from Chase this season as well.

Chase has been performing exceptionally well over the years and improving his PFF grade every year. 

9. Rayn Kelly

Coming at number 9 on our list is Rayn Kelly. He is the center player for the Indianapolis Colts.

Moreover, Kelly is one of the most expensive centers in the NFL right now.

As he signed a record-breaking center contract at the beginning of last season. 

The player is considered one of the best centers in the league due to his great decision-making skills.

8. Erik McCoy

Erik McCoy is the center of the popular NFL team New Orlean Saints.

McCoy recently debuted in 2019 as the center of the Saint, but despite being a rookie, he performed well and had a grade of 78.0 overall.

He ranked as the fourth-best center in that season.

Erik Mccoy in the field

In the 2019 season, Erik was the only person with a grade of above 75 as the pass protector and run blocker.

7. Ben Jones

Coming hot at number 7 is Ben Jones from the Tennessee Titans. He has been the star and the most consistent player on the team in the last two seasons.

Jones has been performing his career-best in the past two seasons as the center of the Titans.

Even before joining the Titans, Jones had an average grade of 70 over the course of his seven-year-long career.

Last season Jones performed extraordinarily, and no one in the NFL had more run blocks than Jones last year.

6. Brandon Linder

Brandon Linder is the center of Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite the team ending up with 1 win and 15 losses in the last season, Brandon Linder did his job as a playmaker and center exceptionally.

Linder has been amongst the best centers in the NFL for over the last seven years. He still shows great performance despite his team not backing him up.

Brandon only got to play in 9 games last season due to uncertain circumstances, which caused the Jaguars to collapse.

Linder is a vital part of the team, and without him, it’s hard for the team to perform well.

Moreover, Brandon has a PFF grade of 87.4.

5. Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is the center for the Philidhapia Eagles.

The player is one of the best centers in the NFL who is widely known for being the best run blocker in the league.

Even though he is famous as a run blocker, he had higher grades as a pass protector than a run blocker in some seasons.

This shows how good of a center Jason Kelce is.

Despite being 33 last season, he performed extremely well and was one of the vital members in the Eagle’s attacking lineup.

He had the grade of 79.0 as a run blocker last season, which puts him up on the top 5 list for the center in last season.

4. J.C. Tretter

J.C Tretter played for the Packers in the 2015-16 season; he had a pass-blocking grade above 80.0 in six seasons.

He had a grade above 80 in six consecutive seasons.

The fire hasn’t burnt out yet, and even last season with the Cleveland Browns, he performed exceptionally.

And he even got his career high grade as a run blocker. He had a grade of 76.5 as a run blocker.

His overall PFF grade was 81.0, and it was the second-best in the league.

3. Frank Ragnow

Coming on number three on our list of best centers in the NFL is the center of Detroit Lions, Frank Ragnow.

Moreover, in his fourth NFL season, the Detroit fans are eager to see Frank Ragnow dominate the center just as last season.

Ragnow is now back in form and ready to conquer the field despite a shaky start in his rookie season.

Before his time at Arkansas, he dominated the center position, and we can see why he was so devastating to play against.

After a bad rookie year, he slowly rose in the grades and performed well.

Last season, he ranked as the third qualifying center with an overall score of 80.3.

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2. Corey Linsley

Coming at number two is Corey Linsley, one of the best centers in the NFL, from the Los Angeles Chargers.

Corey Linsley recently signed a five-year $62.5 million contract with LA Charger and became the highest-paid center in the league.

Linsley is ready to shine again in the upcoming season with a new offensive lineup to show his potential to the fullest extent.

Coming as the new signing of the Chargers, he is ready to show his experience and consistency for the LA Chargers.

He joined the NFL in 2014, and since then, he has consistently kept up the grade of 80 in pass-blocking and run-blocking.

This season Linsley will be a significant player on the field as he will lead the offense.

1. Rodney Hudson

On the top of our list, we have none other than Arizona Cardinals Rodney Hudson.

Over the course of the past ten years, Hudson has shown why he is considered the best center in the NFL. 

No single player in the league comes near Rodney Hudson when we talk about pass-protecting prowess.

Rodney Hudson
Rodney Hudson after a game

Hudson has consistently kept his rank as one of the best pass blockers in the last five seasons.

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