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Fanni Mazacs: Career, Awards & Net Worth

Fanni Mazacs is a gymnast from Hungary. In addition, she does aerobic gymnastics.

Furthermore, Fanni mainly competes in mixed pairs competitions.

Mazacs Fanni Performing
Mazacs Fanni performing in Elvas 2015 (source:

At such a young age, Fanni has already competed in numerous continental and global competitions.

In the article, we have mentioned Mazacs Fanni’s education, career, net worth, and social media.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Brian Kincher:

Full Name Mazacs Fanni
Birth Date March 15, 1996
Birth Place Pecs, Hungary
Nickname N/A
Nationality Hungary
Ethnicity Hungarian
Hobbies Travelling, Swimming, spending time with friends
Languages English, Hungarian
Education University of Pecs, Hungary
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/15/1996″] Years Old
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Profession Gymnast
Coach Eszter Varga-Refi, Krisztina Fay
Club Pecs Sport Nonprofit
Sporting Career Start 2008
International Debut 2011
Country Represented Hungary
Influential Figure Her Family
Marital Status Unmarried
Partner Daniel Bali
Net Worth N/A
Social Media FacebookInstagram
Aerobic Merch Step PlatformLeggingsHome Gym
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Mazacs Fanni: Age and Appearance

As of the year [current-year], Fanni is [calculate_years datestring=”03/15/1996″] Years Old.

However, there isn’t any information about her height, weight, and other body measurements.

Mazacs Fanning rehearsing with her team
Mazacs Fanning rehearsing with her team (source:

Fanni has beautiful Hazal eyes with brown hair. Moreover, these features of hers are complemented by her clear skin tone.

Additionally, she is often seen smiling in pictures which depicts her friendly personality.

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Mazacs Fanni: Education and Sport Debut

Fanni went to the University of Pecs, which is an institution of higher education in Hungary. 

Furthermore, the university has roots in the medieval university founded in Pecs.  Additionally, Fanni studied dentistry at the University of Pecs.

Above all, to start her sports career, Fanni joined the Pecs Sports Nonprofit club [PSN].

Furthermore, the club is a non-profit organization that promotes sports among the youth of Hungary.

During her time at the club, she was coached by Eszter Varga Refi. She often mentions her gratefulness towards her coach for everything she got to learn.

Mazacs started doing gymnastics in 2008. After three years in the sport, she took part in an international event.

In addition, it was also the beginning of her career in mixed pair gymnast competitions.

Furthermore, she made her international debut in 2011 with Daniel Bali.

Mazacs Fannni: Career

Since her debut in 2011 at 15, Fanni has participated in multiple continental and global championships.

However, the most prosperous times of her career are from 2017 to 2019.

During these three years, Fanni won more than five championships in different categories.

In addition to mixed pairs competitions, she also participated in dance, trio, individual, and group performances.

She treasures participation in championships similar to winning the championships.

Therefore, Fanni’s most memorable sporting achievement consists of both participation and winning in the competition.

Firstly, she has competed in the 2016 world championships in Icheon, Republic of Korea.

And secondly, she had won the bronze medal in mixed pairs at the 2012 World Age Group Competitions in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She has managed to win gold medals in FIG World Cups held in Cantanhede, Portugal, and Tokyo, Japan.

Above all, she achieved this in three years, from 2017 to 2019, and in different categories.

Moreover, her highest score in competitions of the mixed pairs category is 22.300. Moreover, she achieved this feat with her all-time performance partner, Daniel Bali.

Similarly, her highest score in group performances is 22.516, which gave her team a silver medal in Fig World Championships, Baku.

Finally, her biggest score in trio performance is 22.616 in the recent FIG World Championships, 2021, held in Baku.

Mazacs Fanni: Partner

Her partner, Daniel Bali, is a [calculate_years datestring=”10/15/1996″] Years Old male who is also from Hungary.

Daniel, also known as Dani, was born in Szombathely, Hungary, and was a very active child.

He went to the same sports club as Fanni and also had the same coach.

In addition, Dani and Fanni also went to the same university where Dani studied Economics, and Fanni studied Dentistry.

Daniel Bali and Mazacs Fanni before their performance
Fanni with her partner before their performance

Moreover, the two of them have been performing together internationally since 2011.

Additionally, they have also managed to win four championships together in the mixed pair discipline.

Moreover, individually Dani has managed to win seven of the global and continental competitions and championships.

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Mazacs Fanni: Net Worth

Having a decent career in gymnastics, Fanni has earned enough to have a comfortable living while traveling places from now and then.

She also recently completed her study at Pecs University for Dentistry, which will help her increase her net worth.

However, there is no information about the exact net worth of Mazacs Fanni.

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Mazacs Fanni: Social Media

Fanni is active on various social media platforms, which are Instagram and Facebook.

Moreover, in both social media accounts, she shares photos and videos about her personal life.

Additionally, she also posts things related to her career once in a while.


What is FIG?

FIG refers to International Gymnastics Federation.

Additionally, it is the governing body of competitive gymnastics and was founded on July 23, 1881, in Belgium.

Who founded the University of Pecs?

The University of Pecs has its roots in the medieval university founded in Pecs in 1367 by King Louis I the Great.

As of 2010, it had over 27,900 total students and around 1400 staff.

Who is Mazacs Fanni’s favorite singer?

Fanni is a big fan of Lady Gaga. Additionally, in an interview, she said she would love to have Lady Gaga for dinner if she could have anyone in the world.

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