Daniel Bali: Economist, Aerobics Gymnast & Net Worth

Daniel Bali is a Hungarian Aerobics Gymnast. He is a two-time medalist of the World games.

Bali also is a multiple times medalist of the World Championships and a gold medalist of European games. He has also won several rewards and recognitions.

He does not want to get limited only to Gymnastics. Therefore, he also is an economist.

Daniel Bali striking a pose
Daniel Bali in his National suit.          [Source:olimpia.hu]
In addition, Daniel also serves as an intern in the Hungarian government.

As per his bio on Instagram, he regards himself as a traveler as well. He loves to see new places, learn new things, and enjoy new cultures.

Similarly, he says he is a fan of the Peripatetic culture and will be such until his last breath. He is a young, energetic man with a lot of ambitions ahead.

In the article, we have mentioned Daniel Bali’s education, careers, and hobbies.

Quick Facts: Daniel Bali

Here are some quick facts about Daniel Bali.

Birth Name Daniel Bali
Age [calculate_years datestring=”10/15/1996″] Years Old
Nick Name Dani
Date of Birth 15 October 1996
Gender Male
Profession Aerobics Gymnast
Place of Birth Szombathely, Hungary
Nationality Hungarian
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Not available
Marital Status Single
Father Not available
Mother Not available
Siblings Not available
Education Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pecs and Corvinus University of Budapest
Religion Not available
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Net Worth Not available
Source of Income Gymnastic and intern in the economics department of Hungarian Governance
Active Years 1999-Present
Hobbies Watching films and TV series and reading
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
Coach Eszter Varga-Refi
Partner Fanni Mazacs
Gymnastics Merch Balance Beams, Bars
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Daniel Bali: Early Life, Family, and Education

Daniel Bali was born on 15 October 1996. The Hungarian athlete is also known as Dani. Bali comes from Szombathely, Hungary.

An early bird catches worms. This proverb is precisely fitted for Daniel Bali. It’s because he started his athletic career at four years of age.

Bali is a secretive person, so he has not disclosed his personal information to any media. 

Not only in Aerobic Gymnastics, but he also is marvelous in his studies as well. He had completed his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pecs in Hungary.

In addition, he likes to study economics and the market. Therefore, he is also pursuing his master’s degree in macroeconomics and market analysis at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Though there is no such detailed information about Bali’s parents and family, in an interview, he said that his hobby is living with family and enjoying a quality of time.

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Body Measurements 

Daniel Bali has not revealed information about his height, weight, or any other body measurements.

Though from the pictures, we can consider that he has a fit and flexible body for gymnastics. Moreover, he has brown hair and beautiful dark blue eyes.


Daniel Bali is a multi-skilled person. He has his hands on two of the most prominent careers.

Moreover, Daniel is a world-renowned Gymnast and also an Economist.

Aerobics Gymnasts 

Daniel is a well-known Aerobics gymnast. Daniel was four years old when he started his career. Bali plays from the club PTE-PEAC (parent association) and PSN Zrt.

Daniel is a medalist in various European Games and also represented Hungary in World Championships.

Daniel Bali flaunting a medal
Daniel Bali, flaunting a medal.[pecsma]
The coach, Eszter Varga-Refi, well praises Bali. Eszter, in an interview, had said that Daniel is a fast learner and would go a long way.

In his interview, Daniel Bali once said that his philosophy is that he does not keep practicing just to win the gold medal.


Daniel Bali is not only a Gymnast. But also he is an Economist.

He has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a master’s degree in Macroeconomics and Market analysis.

In July 2020, he started an internship in Hungarian Governance as a macroeconomic analyst.

As per the information provided on Linkedin, he has experience as an intern in Sales and Customer service.

He has top skills in Project Management, Analytical Skills, and Intercultural communication. His Industrial Knowledge includes Sales and Social Media.

His well-known tools and techniques resemble Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel, and he has Interpersonal Skills in Customer Service, Leadership, and Teamwork.

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A Travel Freak

Daniel Bali is a travel freak. He loves to travel and also enjoys diverse cultures.

He is constantly traveling whenever he has time. His love for traveling even gets clear from his Instagram bio.   

Daniel Bali enjoying at Lupa Beach
Daniel Bali enjoying at Lupa Beach [instagram]
Moreover, he has already traveled to various tourist destinations such as Paris, Vietnam, Portugal, Hungary, Menorca, Budapest, etc.

He also stated that he had plans for traveling in 2020, but the pandemic blocked the way.

Eventually, he cleared that he would be traveling in the future with the same zeal and zest.

Sporting Career

Daniel Bali confessed about the most memorable event in his sporting career.

However, he started his career at the age of four and saw various ups and downs.

He even said that though he had won several golds now. But still, the individual silver medal that he won in the 2016 World Championships held in Incheon, South Korea, is the most memorable event in his sporting career.

It is because it was the first single award that he ever received in aerobic Gymnastics.

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Awards and Recognitions

Daniel Bali has received various awards and recognitions.

He was in the winning team of the 2015 European Games, which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Similarly, Bali also won second place in the 2016 World cup held in Incheon, South Korea.

The gymnast won gold in the 2017 European Championship [Men’s Individual] held in Ancona, Italy.

Likewise, in the same year, he won second place [Mixed doubles] and third place [team] in the 2017 World Games held in Wroclaw, Poland.

In the 2018 World Games, Daniel won a silver in the Men’s Individual and team held in Guimaraes, Portugal.  

Similarly, in the 2019 European Championship, he won gold for mixed doubles and trio held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Moreover, he even was named as 2020 Male aerobics athlete of the year by the Hungarian news agency MTI. Furthermore, he was awarded the award six consecutive times.

At the end of the eleventh European Championships held in Baku, Azerbaijan, he was felicitated with The Smart Scoring Shooting Awards with Michela Castoldi of Italy.

Daniel Bali: Social Media Presence

Daniel Bali has social media presence on various social media platforms. These platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

He is not that active on Facebook or Linkedin. But he is active on Instagram.

Moreover, he has more than 5k followers on his Instagram handle, having the user name Dániel Bali.

In addition, he often uses Instagram to give his fans updates regarding his life and various games.

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Daniel Bali: Net Worth 

Daniel Bali is a private person. So, there is no information about Bali’s net worth. But we can generalize him as a well-endowed person because of his two careers.

He is a well-established gymnast and works for the governance of Hungary as a macroeconomic analyst.

Therefore, he is one of the wealthiest gymnasts in the world today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Daniel Bali choose sports over other several disciplines?

Daniel Bali was an active child. So one of the friends of his parents suggested the Gymnast class.

Moreover, when he took the classes, he was fond of the gymnast so he chose it.

What did Daniel Bali love to take to an uninhabited island?

Daniel Bali stated that he would love to take a Portuguese dictionary and learn sitting at the seashore.

How many languages can Daniel Bali speak?

Daniel Bali is a fast learner. The athlete also loves to learn about different cultures, literature, and art.

Therefore, he currently knows three languages. In addition, they are German, English, and Hungarian.

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