Garth Brooks performing live on Dublin concerts. (Source: Irish Mirror)

Has Garth Brooks Done Surgery? What Happened To Him – Illness And Health Update 2022

Many believe that Garth Brooks underwent surgery. Let’s read this article to find out how much of this rumor is true and more about his health condition.

Garth Brooks, also known as Chris Gaines, is a famous American songwriter and country music singer.

Brooks has gained fame by fusing pop and rock elements with country music. Furthermore, he is the only musician with nine albums certified diamonds in the US.

Garth has released numerous multi-platinum albums, set multiple live performance records, and entered the mainstream music scene.

In the meantime, Brooks changed his looks more than one can imagine. As a result, many speculate him to have gone through facial surgery, which might not just be the case.

Let us dig further into this article to know more about the case.

Garth Brooks Surgery Updates

Yes, Garth Brooks has surgery on his face, hands, and shoulders. The surgery is speculated to be due to a violent car crash in 1992. 

To give more insight to this speculation, a “Did you know” card from a specific interview with Gaines contained trivia, which said Chris was almost killed in a violent car crash in 1992, according to CTD.

In addition, when six of Brooks’s albums achieved diamond status, and he was at the peak of his career, he abruptly turned to the left.

People were surprised when he released his eighth album, which was marketed as a rock and roll album rather than a country one.

The most popular country artist placed his hat on a shelf, leaned back, added swooping bangs and eye shadow, and then stood.

It was not any surgery that changed him. Instead, he transformed himself into Chris Gaines.

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Garth Brooks Illness And Health Updates – What Happened To Him?

Garth Brooks is alive and kicking well as of September 2022. Brooks faced some health issues in his prime days, which do not seem to be much concerning now. 

Brooks recently performed a concert on August 06, 2022, at NRG Stadium, in Houston, Texas, United States. 

Brooks also performed at the inauguration of Joe Biden in January 2021. However, fans were more amazed to see his head full of hair than his vocal talents. 

Garth Brooks Surgery
Garth Brooks is performing live at the inauguration function of Joe Biden. (Source: Wikipedia)

With that, many believed that Brooks had a hair transplant, and within minutes Twitter was flooded with speculation. 

Garth wears a hat at public engagements, whether a Stetson in honor of his southern background or a baseball cap.

The music icon has rarely seen his head, but when he has, he has shown thinning hair that is very different from the thick hair he wore at the inauguration.

Additionally, he sported hair that was noticeably darker than the graying tint he is well known for, suggesting that he had colored it in advance of the occasion.

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Garth Brooks Alter Ego Chris Gaines

Garth Brooks was on top of his music career. He decided to try something of a weird experiment. 

Brooks left his position as the top country star in the world and went under the guise of Chris Gaines to release a “rock” album.

Garth has already performed 220 times before sold-out crowds all across the world. In addition, six of his seven albums have already achieved diamond status.

But then he shocked the world with the eighth album, which was not country music. Instead, it was billed as a rock & roll album. 

Brooks titled his new album “Garth Brooks In…The Life of Chris Gaines.” After that, he also released many albums under the disguise of Chris Gaines. 

In addition, actors were used to performing every role in ChrGaines’es’ life in a fictional VH1 behind-the-music documentary titled “Behind The Life of Chris Gaine’s.”

Unfortunately, the whole wasn’t as buzz-worthy as Garth Brooks had hoped. Fans and detractors agree that it is strange enough.

Garth Brooks disguised as Chris Gaines. (Source: Riverfront Times)
Garth Brooks disguised as Chris Gaines. (Source: Riverfront Times)

American music critic Rob Sheffield even stated in Rolling Stone that Brooks got run over by the insane truck and was talking all eighteen wheels.

The superstar of country music swiftly made a comeback in country music. To convince his followers of his dedication to country music, Garth Brooks issued the album Scarecrow in 2001.

With 148 million domestic sales, the record became one of the best-selling solo albums in the country.

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