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Detlef Kowalewski Wikipedia Age; Family Wife And Net Worth

Who is Detlef Kowalewski? How do people know about him? Learn more about him, his band, his family, and his net worth.

Detlef Kowalewski is a guitarist, vocalist, tour promoter, and author for Germany. He has been interested in music since he was in his early age. 

Detlef was brought and born in Germany, but the information about his birth date and place is unknown. But looking at his pictures, we can guess he is in his early 60.

Detlef has always been a private person and didn’t get as much fame as other musicians. So, we have little information about him.

Detlef Kowalewski Wikipedia

Detlef does not have Wikipedia, but some information about his can be found, which is mentioned here. 

Detlef Kowalewski is a famous German guitarist, vocalist, and tour promoter, who also wrote a book many people loved. The book was published in German because his mother tongue is also German. 

He wrote a book titled “To Hell” after he was sent to jail. The guitarist was arrested for illegal work he did. Some of the sources have also confirmed that he was arrested for coke.

He tried to escape; he flew into Cologne’s “Klingep├╝tz,” and there he met a top RAF terrorist; the terrorist helped him to run; Detlef was the first to escape from this maximum security prison.

The government found out that he was hiding in Amersham, and they arrested him after Amerstam and sent him to the safest prison in Europe. But maybe that was not safe enough to keep Detlef. He again escaped and sailed across the Atlantic to Brazil. 

Then, he was accessed in Brazil by the Kali Cartel. He spends three years in Brazil. He said it was hell to him. It was tough for him to spend three long years. So, after coming out of jail, his book was published. 

But, his fans and followers started decreasing after he went to jail.

Detlef Kowalewski Age and Family

Detlef has always kept his life private; he has never disclosed any information regarding his family, siblings, or relatives. So, the information about his family has been unknown till now. 

Looking at his age, he might be in his early 60. Although, we don’t know his birth date and birthplace. He has also never mentioned his age to the media and new.

This page will update all the information after learning more about him and his personal life.

Detlef Kowalewski Net Worth

According to many sources, his net worth is close to $154,932, which cannot be the exact amount of money he is earning. 

His primary source of income is his career as a guitarist, and he has released albums Hell-money, Jail, and Rock “n” roll. People loved his performance in Rock “n” roll. 

Detlef Kowalewski Album Cover.
Detlef Kowalewski Album Cover. (Source:

More on Detlef Kowalewski and Band

Detlef Kowalewski is a known guitarist, author, and vocalist. He is also famous for his book “To Hell,” in which he described his life when he was inside Brazilian prison. 

He is also a member of the band Kowalewski; there are four members altogether Bernd Steinert, G├╝nther Hild, and Klaus Offender.

Detlef has vocal in three albums Introduction, Ink it, and Still Alive 2005. He has done instruments and performances in Introduction, Ink it, Hands off my Toy, and Still Alive 2005.

He was also in the writing and arrangement of the album Ink it and Still Alive 2005. In the production of Still Alive 2005 and Hands off my Toy. 

People have loved his performance in all the albums. He is a more well-known personality in Germany than in any other country.

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