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Giveon And Justine Skye Relationship Timeline, Cheating Scandal Explained

Get insights on Giveon And Justine Skye’s Relationship Timeline. Also, know about the cheating scandal by Giveon. 

Giveon, an American singer, is 27 years old. Giveon Dezmann Evans was born in Long Beach, California, on February 21, 1995.

He is most known for his tracks “Heartbreak Anniversary” and “Like I Want You,” as well as his collaboration with Drake on their 2020 single “Chicago Freestyle.” 

Singer Justine Skye, 27, is from the United States. Justine Indira Skyers was born on August 24, 1995, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. She is best known for her debut EP, “Everyday Living,” and for the singles “Collide,” “Overtime,” and “I’m Yours.” 

The R&B singer appeared open and honest about her breakup in her song released in April 2022, which made its debut with a glitzy new music video.

It seems that Justine Skye had some harsh words for her ex. The music video for the artist’s most recent hit, “What a Lie,” appears to speak directly about her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Giveon.

Giveon And Justine Skye Relationship Timeline

When Giveon and Justine Skye traveled to Jamaica in December 2020 with family and friends, rumors of the Giveon and Justine Skye dating began circulating.

When the couple was later spotted having dinner in Brooklyn in February 2021, it fuelled additional rumors.

Then, in June 2021, Skye shared a photo of herself and Giveon on Instagram, along with a straightforward black heart as the message. Then Giveon shared Skye’s post on his account and added a black heart to the caption.

Giveon and Justine Skye
Justine and Giveon were reportedly dating for 14 months before their breakup. Source: Rap-Up

But Skye published a string of tweets in November 2021 that made vague references to a breakup without naming anyone. In a tweet from October of last year, she wrote, “People who I thought loved me the most I let shatter me the most.”

Even though Giveon and Justine Skye never publicly acknowledged their relationship, the various public sightings, and online exchanges have further fueled the speculations. In addition, the singer went on Instagram Live after their breakup earlier this year and revealed her ex’s infidelity.

Giveon And Justine Skye Cheating Scandal Explained

Justine and Giveon split up back in October 2021, which she cryptically revealed on social media. Although it is unknown to the public how long the two singers were romantically involved, they only posted photos of themselves together for a short time.

Later that year, in December, Justine shared what caused their breakup with her fans on Instagram Live, explaining how she learned she was supposedly being cheated on.

The singer alleged that she observed the “Heartbreak Anniversary” singer texting other ladies on iMessage and in Direct Messages from a different phone.

While he was out on a date, Giveon texted her. When she inquired about his whereabouts, he pretended to be out with friends, but she knew he was actually with a different woman.

Giveon and Justine Skye cheating scandal
Justine Skye went on Instagram Live and exposed her ex Giveon for cheating. Source: The Artistree

She confronted him and reported that her buddy had seen him ascending to his hotel room with a woman. He stopped talking, but he continued to text his friend and look for a plausible explanation.

He became enraged and informed her, “I’m done,” rather than acknowledging his error. She was horrified that he never expressed regret, but she was more worried about his reputation. The first thing he said when I finally heard from him was, “Are you trying to ruin me? You told them all?’ she asked.

Before divorcing, Giveon and Justine Skye dated for 14 months. She said, “People like that don’t last. “That was undoubtedly the craziest falsehood I have ever discovered,” I said.

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