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Young Ma Parents: Mother Latasha Blackman, Father And Siblings

American rapper Katorah Kasanova Marrero, best known by her stage name Young M.A, started appearing on magazine covers before she won the hearts of millions of followers through her music.

Young Ma Parents, especially her mother, played a significant part in Marrero’s success in the music industry because she was her strongest supporter and constantly encouraged her goals.

When Marrero was seven years old, her mother decided to move to Chesterfield, Virginia, for her kids so that they could attend a better school and escape the dangers of East New York.

She graduated in 2010 from Sheepshead Bay High School.

She started playing tackle football in Virginia. Young M.A began writing poems in her notebooks when she was ten.

In her support, her mother bought a karaoke machine that Young used as a makeshift studio. 

Young Ma Parents: Mother Latasha Blackman

The cherished mother of Young M.A is Latasha Carlisle Blackman. When she oversaw her famous daughter at the BET Awards in 2016, her face became well-known to a large audience.

Latasha developed young M.A’s musical taste. She listened to musicians from all musical genres and played music all day.

Young M.A fam
Young M.A with her mother and half-sister.
Source: Family Tron

The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and many other artists were favorites of Latasha’s. Today, Young M. A cites each of these musicians as an inspiration.

Brooklyn, New York, is home to Latasha Blackman. The Drake Business School awarded her a degree. She works for herself as a freelancer.

The mother had a son who passed away in 2009 and two children. Three different fathers helped her raise her children.

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Young M.A. makes her mother, Latasha, very happy. The artist once said in an interview that she now supports her family.

Her mom used to put in 12 hours a day to support her children in every way. Young M.A. now wants to offer her little rest and provide financial support.

Young Ma Parents: Father And Siblings

Unfortunately, not much information regarding Young MA’s Father was discovered because her mother and grandmother dislike talking about him.

Her Father spent almost ten years in prison, beginning when she was one year old, and was not freed until she was eleven. Young M.A’s relationship with her mom and brother, Kenneth Ramos, deepened due to her Father’s absence.

Her older half-brother Kenneth Ramos was significant in Young M.A’s life.

Gangsters murdered Kenny, and he died on September 26, 2009. The family of Katorah was greatly affected by the catastrophe.

Young M.A brother
Young M.A’s half brother, Kenneth Ramos.
Source: Family Tron

Kenneth was a pleasant young man. He was the child of Mr. Kenneth C. Ramos, Sr., and Katorah’s mother. Ken lived in Brooklyn, New York, and worked as a laborer at Bickel’s Snack. He loved music a lot.

Katorah suffered greatly after his passing and could not adequately articulate how she felt; hence, she did not pen a single phrase about her emotions. But ten years after this horrible incident, she gave Kenny a special place on her first record.

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Quintessence Young MA’s half-sister is Blackman. Katorah revealed that she was a student in high school in 2019. The girl and her mother live in Brooklyn.

She occasionally shares amusing dance videos on social media. The sisters are very close. Unfortunately, not much information about her could be obtained online because the artist hasn’t told her followers anything about her.

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