Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano

Autumn Beat: Are Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano Still Together? Kids And Net Worth

Are Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano Still Together? Here’s what you need to know about their relationship status.

Without a doubt, Guè Pequeno is one of the most well-known Italian rappers of all time. The Milanese artist’s incredible talent has helped him establish himself as one of the most prominent in the country’s rap scene over the years. 

The artist has enjoyed many successes, first with Club Dogo and then on his own.

Unquestionably, Guè is one of the most well-known musical figures of recent years. He became well-known both in Italy and abroad thanks to his hits, which swept the radio.

Are Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano Still Together?

Yes, Guè Pequeno and Yusmary Ruano are still together.

A 2019 image of the pair with Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina hinted that Gué Pequeno was having an affair with the stunning Caribbean girl. 

Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano
Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano (Source:

Yusmary Ruano is a Cuban model dating the Milanese rapper for two years. The reason Gué was with the model is suggested by Yusmary Ruano’s Instagram profile, even though their secret relationship does not follow the path of obsessive exteriority.

Her Instagram account is only used for professional purposes, so very little is known about her. There are no absolutes regarding the girl’s age, but some hints discovered online could at least imply that the model was born in 1991 while Gué is from Christmas 1980.

Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano Daughter

In October 2021, the news spread that Gue Pequeno would soon have a child. A photo released by a well-known Party Planning Company, which reportedly organized and immortalized the baby shower, confirmed everything.

Guè Pequeno and his girlfriend posed in a pink, Hello Kitty-themed setting to commemorate the joyous occasion.

Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano
Guè Pequeno And Yusmary Ruano on their baby shower (Source: Instagram)

The musician never shares many details about his personal life on social media and is always very guarded about it.

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The couple hasn’t revealed any additional information about the child’s purported birth date or name.

Guè Pequeno Net Worth [current-year]: How Rich Is The Musical Artist?

According to, Guè Pequeno in [current-year] is estimated to be between $1- $5 Million.

In 2005, Gué Pequeno and the Italian-Angolan producer Deleterio, now known as Del, released the EP Hashishinz Sound Vol. 1 The following year, he released the Fastlife Mixtape Vol. 1 with DJ Harsh. He followed up with Fastlife Mixtape Vol. 2: Faster Life three years later.

He has worked with prominent underground and non-underground artists, such as Noyz Narcos from TruceKlan, J-Ax, Marracash, and Entics. He co-authored The Law of the Dog with Jake La Furia, published in 2010 under the title La legge del cane. 

He debuted on Deejay TV in March 2011 with the four-part television series “Un giorno da cani,” in which he transformed his professional experiences into lyrics for their songs.

Guè Pequeno Early Career Details

Around 1997, when Gue first met Jake La Furia, the rapper launched his musical career under the aliases “Lucky Luciano” and “Il Guercio” (The One-eyed). 

Because of their friendship, “Sacre Scuole” is founded, to which Dargen D’Amico, a former classmate of Pequeno, is added.

Don Joe, a beatmaker, joined them as a close associate. Due to differences between D’Amico and La Furia, the group disbanded after releasing the 3 MC’s al Cubo mixtape. D’Amico eventually left as a result of this, and Don Joe and the remaining members then found Club Dogo.

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During those years, Pequeno also contributed to the creation of several albums and mixtapes, including 50 Emcee’s Pt. 1 by ATPC and Tutti x Uno by DJ Enzo.

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