John King Leaving

Is John King Leaving CNN Political Party? Where Is He Going?

People wonder whether John King is leaving CNN’s Political Party. Here’s what you need to know.

John King is referred to as “that map guy who knows everything about how each county typically votes” by viewers who only watch CNN for election day coverage.

John King, a CNN host, has covered American politics for many years. On election nights, he uses a sophisticated U.S. map to provide poll updates to millions of viewers.

Is John King Leaving CNN Political Party?

John King hasn’t disclosed about leaving CNN’s Political Party. However, CNN announced on January 11, 2021, that John King would only be leaving Inside Politics on Sundays. The program will continue to be hosted on weekdays by the veteran news anchor.

Beginning on January 24, 2021, Abby started to host Inside Politics Sunday With Abby Phillip on Sunday mornings.

John King Leaving
John King in CNN (Source: distractify)

John’s Sunday departure from Inside Politics is not entirely clear. The CNN anchor, however, appeared thrilled about getting more sleep.

John King tweeted about Abby’s article, adding, “One new normal to celebrate is this one. I’ve moved my Sunday morning alarm a little later, but I’ll still wake up in time to watch!”

The departure of John King from CNN is not imminent. When the news was revealed, he clarified this via Twitter.

John King Illness: What Happened To Him?

John King disclosed his health information, revealing that he has multiple sclerosis (MS), a degenerative condition affecting the central nervous system.

King discussed his MS journey with NIH MedlinePlus magazine and his decision to speak out 13 years after his diagnosis.

The information was revealed on King’s “Inside Politics” program when it was discussed how General Colin Powell, who passed away from coronavirus complications, was more susceptible to the virus because he also had multiple myeloma. This plasma cell Cancer impairs the body’s immune response.

Before getting an MS diagnosis, he had been exhibiting symptoms for ten years. He felt numbness, tingling, and the sensation that his legs were heavy, like lead or nonresponsiveness, and they were mostly in his legs. He occasionally dropped things or struggled with his grip.

But he always dismissed that as being distracted, worn out, or just plain stupid. Early on, doctors also hypothesized that these problems might be connected to the disc damage he had in his low back.

After reading about multiple sclerosis and realizing how cruel this disease is to many people, John admitted that he was terrified when he first heard the term.

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But his doctors gave him comfort right away. They were reasonably confident he had the “relapsing-remitting” form of MS because they knew that some of his symptoms had existed for a decade before diagnosis.

Although there were no guarantees, there was hope that this form of MS could be controlled with medication.

John King Health Update In [current-year]

When questioned about his health, John said that he is doing great and is aware of his luck but that MS is always with him. He claimed that since Bill Clinton was president, he had not had full sensation in his legs. 

He has recently experienced problems with his right side, particularly his right hand, and he occasionally trips over.

Even though he has trouble feeling his feet, he claims to have learned how to snowboard. And in the 13 years since his diagnosis, he has only missed one day of work due to MS.

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King emphasized the importance of vaccinations for personal and societal protection, especially for immunocompromised individuals.

Because they are less likely to develop an immune response, people with specific medical conditions continue to have high risks for developing severe COVID-19 after vaccination, he said. 

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