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Health Update: Has Holly Willoughby Had Hair Extensions, Her No Make-Up Look

If we are to believe the rumors, Holly Willoughby had hair extensions. Continue reading this article to the end to figure out the details about the health of the English television presenter, author, and model. 

Holly is one of the rising names in the television industry in England. Her multi-talented ability has been the reason for global praise as people worldwide have sung praises of her. The young Journalist has had a stellar career, and she is undoubtedly looking forward to having more of the same. 

The 41-year-old is originally from Brighton, England. After finding an education and stable career in her home country, Holly did not have to move around a lot in search of a better lifestyle. 

Has Holly Willoughby had Hair Extensions?

Yes, Holly Willoughby had hair extensions. The British Journalist tried to experiment with something new with her looks, and suffice it to say, the new look suits her very well. 

Her admirers praised her newly adopted look as people on social media voiced their opinions highly and clearly. She told her co-host, Phillip Schofield, about her hair extensions at an event. She said longer hair was the look she had always wanted to try, and she is happy with the changes. 

Holly Willoughby had Hair Extensions
Holly Willoughby with her new hair extensions.
(Source: Manchester Evening News)

Since she has a well-known repertoire, her career and personal life are closely observed so that even the minute details are reported to the media. The news of her hair extension was no different, as it was widely documented, and people had their say. 

The Journalist has been at the top of her profession for decades. She is currently the host of popular TV programs, ITV’s This Morning and Dancing on Ice alongside Phillip Schofield.

Holly Willoughby No Make-Up Look

Holly Willoughby’s no makeup look has caused quite the stir across the internet. People worldwide have been talking about the photo where Holly was seen with no makeup. 

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Since the Journalist had a new look with long hair, she was flaunting her natural good looks. The British model has managed to stay as a talking point for people all across the globe.

Holly Willoughby Health Update

In the March of 2022, the famous Journalist Holly had to miss several of her shows. As he co-host Phillip explained, she had tested positive for COVID-19 and had to stay in isolation for as long as it took. 

But as of now, she has completely recovered from the virus and its symptoms. Apart from that minor complication, there have not been any medical complications in Holly’s life to note about. 

She has been healthy and appears on England’s most popular TV programs. With her reputation, we will see her maintain the hype around her until the end of her professional career. 

How Much Is Holly Worth?

Holly has multiple sources of income. Apart from being an excellent TV host, she is a model and an author. On the back of her successful television career, she has managed to earn a hefty sum. 

According to The Sun, she has an impressive net worth of around $10 million. As her career progresses, the number is on a constant rise. 

41-year-old Holly can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle, meeting all her lush demands. As we can see on her social media, she thoroughly enjoys her life in England. 

Holly with her co-host Phillip Schofield.
(Source: Birmingham Live)

You can follow her on Instagram to learn more about her personal life. She is a regular platform user and goes by her username @hollywilloughby.

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