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Heather Land Husband: Is She Married Stephen Mathew? Family And Net Worth

People are curious about the Comedian Heather Land husband, Stephen Mathew, as they have been married for over a year. 

She makes funny videos and posts them on Facebook. Her films cover issues from her everyday life, such as Sunday school and gym etiquette. Land began posting short movies on the recommendation of her pals in 2017.

Heather’s video mocking CrossFit became popular, receiving twenty million views. Land began performing stand-up comedy events on tour at the end of 2018. Her book, I Ain’t Doing It, is set to be released on May 7, 2019.

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Heather grew up as a worship leader and composer. Land>Pouring It Out For You in 2011. Heather recently released Counting On.

Heather Land Husband: Is She Married Stephen Mathew?

Stephen Mathew is well known as Heather Land’s sweetheart and future husband. Heather is an American comedian who previously worked as a refinancing master before venturing into show business.

In the meantime, her companion Stephen is a specialist who works in Oprah Winfrey’s specialized group. Stephen Mathew appears to be younger than his companion Heather Land.

Based on his appearance, Stephen should be in his late 30s or 40s. Regardless, his authoritative age and birthday nuances have yet to be publicly reported. 

Heather Land
Heather Land With Her Husband Stephen Mathew (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship began on June 13, 2018. There needs to be more information about their wedding. However, she just released nostalgic photos on Instagram.

Stephen was her production manager before becoming her life partner.

She was previously married to Stephen. Unfortunately, there aren’t many details available about her ex-husband.

Her ex-husband met her at a Bible college in Pensacola, Florida. The couple had two children and had been married for over 15 years.

Her children avoid the media because they do not want to be associated with their mothers. Heather is homeschooling them because they are teenagers.

Heather Land Family Details To Know 

Heather is 49 years old right now. Land was born in 1975 and has always celebrated her birthday on January 25.

Her hometown is Milan, Tennessee, and she graduated from high school in 1994.

Before her sudden celebrity, Land was a single mother of two teenagers in her forties, attempting to negotiate the traps of modern life and the difficulties of dating after being out of the picture for so long.

Land had been married to her ex-husband for about fifteen years, the father of her two children, whom she met at a Bible college in Florida.

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Land worked as a worship leader, and her husband was a youth pastor for a very religious couple. The divorce was a crushing blow that pushed Land to rethink her life, and her best therapy was humor.

Heather Land Net Worth 

Heather Land’s net worth has yet to be calculated, but the comedian/singer has been on the right track to building an excellent stage for herself. 

So, in September 2017, Land shared her first video, an introductory video of herself addressing the camera with a Snapchat filter that distorts her looks. Land’s movies had pithy – and relevant – reflections on the modern woman’s struggle, and they struck a chord.

Her catchphrase, “I ain’t doing it,” was soon on everyone’s lips, as women and men from all over tagged her photos for friends, and her celebrity spread like wildfire. Soon, Land became a celebrity with a massive fan base eagerly awaiting her following scathing commentary on ordinary life.

Heather Land
Heather Land Announcing Her Show Through Instagram

Land’s initial video was viewed by over 20 million people and piqued the interest of entertainment industry titans. Land was requested to perform at business functions, which led to solo appearances as a stand-up comedian.

It was only a short time until Land had her shows and headlined her comedy tour. The tour was a smashing success, and Land was approached by a particular admirer, Miranda Lambert of country music.

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Meeting Lambert was a lifelong ambition for Land, a singer, and songwriter who has written and produced two music albums: “Counting On” and “Pouring It Out For You.” Land has deftly incorporated her music into an emotional portion of her presentation, in which she accompanies herself on the piano, and her audience adores it.

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