What Happened to David Hasselhoff- Is He Sick? Health And Illness Update

David Hasselhoff’s wife opens up about how his heavy drinking ruined their marriage, saying, “He has a disease, just like Cancer.”

David Hasselhoff has been popular for over decades after he embodiment in the four seasons of Knight Rider with a talking Trans Am.

He also worked as the bare-chested voice on Baywatch with a bunch of swimsuited Playfellow posing as lifeguards.

These shows were so in fame during the 1980s and ’90s when weekly admirers estimates reached 1.1 billion worldwide. “Most Watched Man On Television” is a Guinness World Record that belongs to Hasselhoff.

Recently, There were rumors that legendary actor David Hasselhoff had passed away. However, it was just a death Hoax. After multiple internet users posted content about David Hasselhoff’s death, the actor and the star of Knight Rider became the topic of an online debate. 

Recent news reported that the actor recently celebrated his 70th birthday. His birthday Party was canopied by PEOPLE magazine and the pictures in the article claim that famous figures from the Hollywood industry were present at the Birthday Party.

What Happened To David Hasselhoff? 

During his career, David Hasselhoff has battled alcoholism on several occasions. Alcohol poisoning has been the cause of his last five hospitalizations in this scenario.

In June 2002, Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff’s second wife, got the call from David, which came like a hammer blow. ‘I think I’m dying, and I am drunk,’ the legendary Baywatch and Knight Rider star mumble to his wife. Then the call went dead.

David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider (Source: Closer Weekly)
David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider (Source: Closer Weekly)

She found out later that he’d drunk the entire contents of the minibar and was found in a state of semi-conscious and half-naked on the floor by his maid. 

Similarly, puzzlingly, video footage went viral on the internet showing a densely drunken Hasselhoff trying to eat a hamburger.

At the same time, one of his teen daughters appealed to him to stop drinking. However, in an interview, David claimed his wife leaked it to hurt his image and fame. 

Moreover, due to his wild drinking habit, There were leaked court papers where Hasselhoff resisted his wife’s culpable deposition that he broke her nose through a drunken row with the words: “The person who broke my wife’s nose was her plastic surgeon.”

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Is David Hasselhoff Sick? Health And Illness Update

Even if the news of his worsening health condition is real, it must be related to alcoholism as the main cause.

Besides, David amazingly maintains his physical features though he is getting older like a fine wine. David Hasselhoff has only one issue; alcoholism throughout his life. 

His wife Pamela claimed that the couple was living a fake married life. However, the biggest hardship was that David loved the bottle more than her.

She also added David was falling drunk as she covered him for several years. She says, “Alcohol destroys any person though you are a regular Joe or the Legendary star on the planet.”

David Hasselhoff | Mental Floss
David Hasselhoff | Mental Floss

Pamela further adds, “He would pass out and urinate on himself. He became violent and verbally aggressive.” “David’s drinking worsened from social drinking to getting sick.

And we never know where his first glass of wine will end up. Some days, it stops after dinner, whereas some days, it goes till a three-day binge.”

David has also faced serious health issues known as trigeminal neuralgia. It is an awful nerve condition that requires head surgery to reduce. It is also called suicide disease.

However, After several years of drinking, he’d finally agreed he had a problem and accepted to join the rehabilitation center.

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