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How Old Is Destroy Lonely? Age Parents And Ethnicity Girlfriend And Net Worth

Destroy Lonely is 22 years old Rapper. 

Destroy Lonely; an aspiring rapper, is the son of the rapper I-20. He grew up in a very supportive environment. His family has a big helping hand in pursuing his career as a rapper. 

He was homeschooled during his middle school, and later on the high school, he made a few friends; with them, Lonely collaboratively composed Hip-pop music, and his career with from there.

He spends countless hours teaching himself about music alone, living with his grandmother. 

How Old Is Destroy Lonely?

Destroyer Lonely is a Gen Z generation young Adult. He was born on 30th July 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. His birth name is Bobby Sandimanie lll. He is an American rapper and holds ethnicity in Black. 

Destroy Lonely is popularly known for his song “Bane,” which got millions of streams on Spotify. And his single “Oh Yeah” led him to record a deal with playboi Carti’s label “Opium.”

During his high school years, he connected with his classmates and became best buddies with them. All of them were into rapping and music soon after he started his first ever project on DSP, which was collaboratively recorded with Nezzusm NezzusDetoryed. 

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Destroy Lonely Parents and Ethnicity

Destroy Lonely’s (Bobby Sandimanie) family background; his father is American popularity Known by his stage name “I-20.” Lonely’s mother and his experience are not revealed to the public yet.

Destroy Lonely Selfie
Destroy Lonely Selfie (source: Twitter)

Destroy Lonely was homeschooled by his grandmother throughout the middle school; he spent all day alone, and from his loneliness, he navigated himself to audio production software such as ProTool and Audacity.

And he was able to start his career as a passionate young rapper and found an inkling of his future moniker in his loneliness of living alone. 

As time passed, Lonely was locked away at home while homeschooling. He taught himself music.

Destroy Lonely Girlfriend and relationship

Destroy Lonely personal life is not revealed in public yet when it is about his private life, especially about his loved ones and romantic life. Lonely has not been into the crowd with it. Because of this, we cannot find anything about his current relationship. 

Destroy Lonely has a perfect relationship with his grandmother, as he has spent all his middle school year living with her and being homeschooled. Leonly also had a bonded relationship with his father; he taught him much about music and instruments.

His Father is always there when he wants him, as a coach, mentor, and straightforward feedback system. Day by day, he has improved his skills, polished editing skills, playing instruments and software, and composing beats.

He worked hard in the starting phase of his career, spending almost every free hand alone, self-taught himself about music and software.

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Destroy Lonely Net Worth

Destroyer Lonely is estimated to have a net worth of $800k from being an artist. He collected most of his money being a rapper, and he also has an enterprise through which he sells products online like T-shirts, caps, etc. 

He is also on Instagram with a total following of more than 238k with a blue checkmark account. From his account, it is found that he is not following any other artist or any of his friends; also, he only has 12 posts on it.

He is alos on Twitter with a total following of more than 69.7k. He joined Twitter in January 2015. He is very active on his Twitter; he also sells his merchant from his Twitter account, which has a massive contribution to his net worth. 

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