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Who Is Angela Hill MMA Husband, Adam Pryde? A Look At Her Family’s Role In Her Life

The strawweight category fighter from the United States, Angela Hill, is wed to famous nutritionist Adam Pryd.

While in high school, they started dating in 2006. They eventually were married in 2008 in front of their loved ones at NYC’s City Hall.

Even though Adam is a year younger than Angella, their long-term marital satisfaction is unaffected by this.

Adam is a loving spouse who is typically seen standing by Hill’s side during most of her fighting events.
Adam and Angela were spotted together.

Likewise, on social media, the adorable couple is rarely visible together.

However, because she is an MMA fighter, Adam Pryde ensures his sweetheart is physically fit and takes care of her diet and health.

Media Referee claims that Angela, now 37, first encountered Adam in Kyoto in 2006. They had recently graduated from high school at the time.

Over time, their bond grew more assertive. In 2008, they were wed at City Hall in New York City.

Angela Hill, an American mixed martial artist who competes in the strawweight class, was formerly signed to the Invicta Fighting Championships. There she held the strawweight championship.

In addition, Hill is a current Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter and a former World Kickboxing Association champion.

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Who Are Angela Hill Kids?

When discussing their personal lives, the couple looks entirely private, and they do not currently have any kids.

As nothing related to it has been shared by them on social media sites or in interviews, it can be made clear that she does not have any children.

Currently, Hill seems to be concentrating on her MMA career, but soon she may share about her expecting a child and surprise her fans and followers.

Her social media sites can be checked to know her more detailly and personally as she keeps updating her pictures and many more kinds of stuff.

Angela Hill Age

According to information about her birth, Angela was born on January 12, 1985, in Maryland’s Prince George’s County.

 In the year 2022, she is 37 years old and is said to be a year older than her partner.
UFC Fighter Angela

Hill attended Cooper Union School of Art for his education. Even though her details about her parents are unknown, she has two siblings.

Angela Hill Net Worth In 2022

Angela Hill, who is a professional athlete, has a net worth of more than $1 million from her career as of 2022.

 Likewise, she has participated in many strawweight categories in the UFC and is a seasoned competitor.

Moreover, The source claims that UFC Champions and athletes with the largest fan bases are given the most significant contract tiers, which range from $500,000 to $3,000,000. 

According to Mediareferee, Hill has a 13–10 record in mixed martial arts and a net worth of about $500,000 overall.

Sherdog claims that on August 13, 2022, she fought Lupita Godinez in her final match. She won the fight by a unanimous vote.

She had a contract with the Invicta Fighting Championships in the past and competed there as the strawweight champion.

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Additionally, she has achieved success in the World Kickboxing Association.

Hill currently takes part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As of April 25, 2022, she is presently rated 13th among women’s strawweight in the UFC.

Before going professional, Angela worked as a bartender and an animator in animation studios.

She likes to cosplay and play video games, and she has previously attended Invicta fights dressed as a character.

In addition,  She has cosplayed as Dhalsim, an Afro Samurai, a Fallout Vault Dweller, and one of The Warriors, among other roles. Hill began her professional MMA career in 2014.

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