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Is Armie Hammer In Jail? What Did he Do- Arrest And Charge

A prosecutor who has been “specially assigned” to look into allegations that disgraced Hollywood actor Armie Hammer sexually assaulted an ex-lover is looking into such claims.

Actor Armand Douglas Hammer is from the USA. He started his acting career with cameos in many television series. He is the son of businessman Michael Armand Hammer and the great-grandson of oil billionaire Armand Hammer and the soprano Baroness Olga von Root.

Is Armie Hammer In Jail? What Did he Do?

The allegations Hammer is facing from Effie are by far the most severe of all the rumors surrounding him. She is the only female who has publicly accused Hammer of rape.

Effie claimed that she met Hammer on Facebook in 2016, when she was 20, and that they were romantically involved on and off for four years during a news appearance shortly after making her claims. They last spoke in 2020, according to her.

In a prepared statement, Effie stated, “I fell in love with him straight away. “Now that I’m looking back, it is obvious to me that he was using manipulation strategies to keep control over me until I started to lose myself.

He would frequently put my loyalty to him to the test, subtly removing and crossing my boundaries as he became violent. He sexually, emotionally, and mentally assaulted me.

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Armie Hammer has been accused of rape by a woman named Effie (above) who has said they had a relationship.
Image Source: Page Six

A prosecutor is looking into claims that disgraced Hollywood actor Armie Hammer sexually abused an ex-lover after being “specially assigned” to do so.

The makers of the shocking new documentary “House of Hammer,” which explores Armie and his family’s turbulent past, claimed they have learned that the LAPD is still looking into the actor’s alleged attack on an ex-girlfriend named Effie.

Armie Hammer Arrest And Charges

Hammer, 36, isn’t currently facing any criminal charges. Still, Greg Risling, a LA County District Attorney’s Office spokesman, informed Page Six that “a specially assigned prosecutor is collaborating with law enforcement as they continue their investigation.”

“Once law enforcement has finished its investigation and turned over the matter to our office, we will undertake an examination and pursue criminal charges backed up by the evidence,” the statement reads.

Hammer disputed the claims via his attorney.

Co-director Elli Hakami of “House of Hammer” said to Page Six, “We don’t know if [Hammer] will or won’t be held accountable.”

On Friday, the documentary series premieres on Discovery+. As the actor’s aunt Casey Hammer, 61, points out about her family in the documentary, Armie has left a trail of victims in his past, and people need support to help them move past. They ought to feel at ease while I establish a community for them.

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