Is Casey Barnes Related To Jimmy Barnes

Is Casey Barnes Related To Jimmy Barnes? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Casey Barnes and James Barnes are two prominent singers in the Australian music scene. Fans often wonder if the two artists are related by any means.

Casey is an Australian country singer-songwriter best known as a contestant on the seventh season of Australian Idol and for his solo music career.

Jimmy is a Scottish-born Australian rock singer known for his career as a solo performer and as the lead vocalist of the rock band Cold Chisel.

Is Casey Barnes Related To Jimmy Barnes?

No, Casey Barnes is not related to Jimmy Barners. The two Aussie singers only happen to share the same last name.

Further, Casey and Jimmy have never been pictured together or had any sort of known interactions. Once, Casey shared how people often assume he is related to the 66-year-old rock musician. He also said that he has yet to meet the music legend.

Casey further talked about the moment when he sat two meters away from Jimmy at the 2021 APRA Awards. The whole night, he wondered if he should approach Jimmy, but he did not end up doing so, perhaps out of nervousness.

Casey Barnes Jimmy Barnes not related
Jimmy Barnes performing at the 2021 APRA Awards. (Source: Media Week)

However, Casey has met and played with Jimmy’s son Jackie. He praised Jackie as an absolute monster on the drums and an incredible player.

Jimmy Barnes & Casey Barnes Family Trees

Jimmy Barnes was born James Dixon Swan to his parents, Dorothy and Jim Swan. His Father, Jim, was a prizefighter.

Jimmy has five siblings: two brothers, John and Alan, and three sisters, Dorothy, Linda, and Lisa. Around 1967, their parents divorced. 

Following her divorce, his mom remarried a clerk named Reg Barnes. Reg passed away in September 2013. Jimmy adopted the name James Dixon Barnes from his stepfather instead of James Dixon Swan.

Jimmy’s family moved to Australia when he was five. They originally lived in Adelaide and eventually settled in nearby Elizabeth. His maternal grandmother was Jewish, but he was raised Protestant.

Jimmy has seven children: four kids (Mahalia, Elly-May, Eliza-Jane, and Jackie) with his wife Jane, one son (David Campbell) with his ex-partner Kim Campbell, and two daughters (Amanda Bennett and Megan Torzyn) from earlier relationships.

On the other hand, very little information is available on the family tree of Casey Barnes. He is married to his wife Michelle and has two daughters, Charli and Emmy.

Casey Barnes Jimmy Barnes Family Tree
Casey Barnes pictured with his wife and daughters. (Source: Cairns Post)

Originally from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Casey started his singing career in Tasmania before relocating to Queensland.

Casey Barnes And Jimmy Barnes Net Worth Difference

Online sources suggest that Casey Barnes has a net worth of $4 million, while Jimmy Barnes has $20 million. It means that Jimmy is much wealthier, with a net difference of $16 million.

The difference is understandable, given that Casey, 44, is much younger than Jimmy, 66. He still has a long way to go and a lot to achieve.

Jimmy was a part of the popular rock band Cold Chisel, whose farewell concert tour remains the highest-grossing tour in Australian history.

Casey Barnes Jimmy Barnes Net Worth
Jimmy Barnes is the David Bowie of Australia. (Source: NME)

Afterward, Jimmy launched a successful solo career, with his first six albums debuting at the top of the Australian charts. After a relatively low period, he regained his top spot on charts in the early 2000s, re-teaming with the original line-up of Cold Chisel and releasing new solo work.

On the other hand, Casey is a country and pop-rock singer. He rose to fame for his appearance on the 2009 season of Australian Idol. He has since released several hit albums and singles.

Jimmy and Casey have multiple accolades and nominations, with the former winning considerably more.

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