Antonio Mugica arrested

Is CEO Of Smartmatic Antonio Mugica Arrested? Net Worth And Career Earning

Is the CEO of Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica arrested? The CEO and founder of the international electronic voting Company Smartmatic are Antonio Mugica.

Additionally, he previously held the positions of Director at Panagroup Corporation and Anoto Group AB. Mugica and two other Venezuelan colleagues, Alfredo José Anzola and Roger Pinate, developed a technology in the late 1990s that allowed thousands of inputs to be sent into a network at once.

Is CEO Of Smartmatic Antonio Mugica Arrested?

According to Smartmatic, a Company that has worked with Venezuela on its voting system since 2004, turnout estimates in the election for the Constitutional Assembly were rigged up by at least 1 million ballots, the business alleged on Wednesday.

At a news conference in London, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica stated, “We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the turnout of the last election for a National Constituent Assembly was manipulated.”

According to Mugica, Venezuela’s automated election system allowed Smartmatic, which has provided electronic voting equipment for elections around the world, to identify the inflated officially claimed turnout.

Antonio Mugica arrested
Antonio Mugica Instagram image.

According to our estimates, at least one million more ballots are cast than the authorities reported as real participation.

Mugica refuses to say whether the falsified voter turnout estimates affected the election’s outcome, in which, according to the authorities, 8.1 million people cast their ballots.

Critics have criticized the legislative super-body election, calling it unconstitutional and intended to empower President Nicolas Maduro’s unpopular government to alter the constitution and ignore the opposition-led congress.

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Net Worth & Career Details of Antonio Mugica

One of the wealthiest and most well-known founders is Antonio Mugica. Our examination of data from sources including Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia indicates that Antonio Mugica’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

Mugica and two other Venezuelan colleagues, Alfredo José Anzola and Roger Pinate, developed a technology in the late 1990s that allowed thousands of inputs to be sent into a network at once. After the 2000 U.S. presidential election, it was decided to dedicate the technology to political purposes rather than continuing early studies on ATMs in Mexico.

Antonio Mugica Arrested
Antonio Mugica Instagram image.

With a board member from the Bolivarian government, Smartmatic was created out of the SBC organization, which Smartmatic owned to the tune of 51%, the Venezuelan state telecommunications organization CANTV to the tune of 47%, and the affiliated Company, Bizta, which the owners of Smartmatic also own, to the tune of 2%. This was when an industry-fostering loan from a government institution was in effect.

For the Regional Elections scheduled for the second semester of that year, Smartmatic received a $128 million contract from the CNE, the government’s elections agency, to supply its products (an automated voting system, voting machines, and support services). The 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum was initiated to remove Hugo Chavez from office. Still, after gathering citizens’ signatures, Smartmatic was forced to adapt the voting system to the modified requirements quickly.

Personal Life Of Antonio Mugica

In his private life, Antonio Mugica has also made time for writing, collecting modern and contemporary art, and performing and composing music.

He wrote the children’s book Hkiti-Tkiti-Tá in 2010. This poem-based narrative is about eating well. The story centers on Hookity-Tookity-Tah, a young wizard baker who uses cooking magic to drive a bully dragon out of his town.

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