Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going After Leaving CNN? Her Family,New Job And Career Earning

American Journalist Alisyn Camerota marked her last day on CNN’s program ‘New Day’ and joined her new job co-hosting the CNN Newsroom with Victor Blackwell in the 2-4 pm slot.

Alisyn Camerota has covered innumerable national and international adversity, either natural or caused by human beings. Popularly known for hosting CNN’s morning show, New Day, for around six years, Camerota has also begotten at Fox News in her career.

The television journalist rose to prominence after hosting New Day, which increased the show’s audience. And, despite her growing celebrity, she has managed to keep much of her personal life private.

After years of endearing herself to fans through hosting CNN’s New Day, Alisyn Camerota is set to leave the program as part of a larger shake-up of the network’s most well-known faces. The changes went into accouterments on April 13, 2021.

Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going After Leaving CNN?

 Alisyn Camerota was declared a TV anchor for CNN soon after leaving the Fox network. She joined as a co-anchor on CNN’s New Day on July 25, 2014. Moreover, In 2015 Alisyn became a perpetual co-anchor for the show.

After Alisyn joined the show, its viewership increased by 9%, and Alisyn also earned immense fame through her unique presenting style. However, Alisyn Camerota marked her last day as co-host of New Day as she moved to weekday afternoons with Victor Blackwell.

 Alisyn Camerota (Source: Barrett Media)
Alisyn Camerota (Source: Barrett Media)

Camerota called New Day her TV home for more than six years. Similarly, Camerota’s husband, Tim Lewis, made an amazing appearance on the broadcast gleaming from home to talk about their new schedule.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN national security reporter Josh Campbell were among the CNN reporters to compliment Camerota at the end of their corresponding hits.

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Following Brooke Baldwin’s announcement that her last day on CNN was April 13, 2021, the network did some major reshuffling of its daytime television personalities. Namely, Alisyn vacated her role on New Day and began a new position as an anchor on CNN’s Newsroom.

She broadcasted from 2–4 pm EST daily alongside Victor Blackwell.

Alisyn Camerota Family

Alisyn Lane Camerota, widely known as Alisyn Camerota, was born in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, on June 21, 1966. Her mother was a high school drama teacher and used to involve Alisyn in the plays.

As per her IMDb, Camerota grew up with her three siblings. Her brother is a surgeon, and she has two older sisters. However, in a CNN article about the Person Who Changed My Life, Alisyn tagged that Maria Villalobos became the older sister she never had.

Alisyn Camerota with her husband and children (Source:
Alisyn Camerota with her husband and children (Source:

Moreover, She stated that Maria Villalobos became her relationship guru and gave helpful tips for a healthy relationship. As a result, Alisyn found her perfect life partner in Tim Lewis.

Tim Lewis works at Southfield Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. In September 2001, the couple married. Camerota has three children.

On March 25, 2005, Camerota gave birth to congenial twin daughters, Alessandra Lewis and Francesca Lewis. Similarly, on January 4, 2007, the couple welcomed their third child, a son named Nathaniel Lewis.

The family currently lives in Westport, Connecticut, 

New Job And Career Earning

As one of the popular anchors for CNN, Alisyn Camerota is paid $3 million per year. Camerota’s new job is co-presenting the CNN’s program Newsroom with Victor Blackwell, which airs in the 2-4 pm slot.

As per celebritynetworth, Alisyn Camerota has a net worth of $8.5 million, and her yearly salary is $3 million. In 2021 she joined a new role co-presenting CNN’s weekday afternoon program.

Camerota started working at television stations like WTTG in Washington and WHDH in Boston. She had also worked on Ted Koppel’s documentaries. Similarly, In 1998, Alisyn joined the Fox network.

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Moreover, In September 2013, She started co-hosting America’s News Headquarters. She co-hosted shows like Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends Weekend. After a 16-year run with the network, She waved goodbye to her afternoon Fox audience on March 14, 2014,

Camerota joined CNN news and became the permanent co-host for New Day. However, In 2021, Camerota joined a new job co-hosting CNN Newsroom with Victor Blackwell.

Alisyn Camerota has also acuminate her writing skills and wrote a novel entitled Amanda Wakes up based on her 25 years of work experience in 2017. It was nominated as the best book of the year by National Public Radio and was enlisted as “a must-read” by Oprah Magazine.

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