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Is China President Xi Jinping Arrested? Where Is He Now jail or prison?

Is China president Xi Jinping arrested? According to reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest after being fired as the leader of the PLA.

Reports that “something is up” in China are all over the internet, with theories ranging from a political or military coup against President Xi Jinping to possible military operations in Western China.

These conjectures are supported by reports of canceled passenger flights in several regions of China, the fact that Xi hasn’t been spotted in public in some time, and purported video of military trucks advancing on Beijing.

However, neither a confirmed report of military activity en route to the capital nor an official response to these speculations have been made.

In this article, we discuss what is being said on social media, and the facts that we can be certain of.

Is China President Xi Jinping Arrested?

Is China president Xi Jinping arrested?

Multiple Twitter accounts with hundreds of followers have reported that Xi has been the target of a coup.

A successor’s pictures have also surfaced. None of these updates, however, come from verified or reliable sources, and the majority of these accounts belong to anonymous persons.

“Immediately following the country’s 59% of flights being grounded and the imprisonment of top officials, a video of military vehicles traveling to Beijing surfaced.

There is a fire within the CCP since there is a lot of smoke coming from it. China is in flux “wrote Gordon G. Chang.

Several media outlets said on Saturday that Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently under house arrest and that the army is currently in charge of the nation’s capital Beijing. Neither any TV nor any other reputable Chinese media outlet has independently validated the reports.


China President Xi Jinping Arrested
Xi Jinping’s Instagram Post. Source: Instagram

According to the reports, Beijing has lost access to the outside world and both local and international flights into and out of the city have been suspended. According to allegations, President Xi Jinping was removed from his role as the leader of the PLA and placed under house arrest.

Additionally, it is claimed that the former prime minister and president intended to assassinate Xi Jinping when he was in Samarkand. This resulted from the likelihood that Xi would win the Chinese presidential election for the third time in a row.

Where Is Xi Jinping Now Jail or Prison?

China president Xi was arrested. Jinping In the midst of Xi Jinping‘s purge, a Chinese official receives a life sentence for corruption.

Just weeks before a major Communist Party reshuffle, a Chinese court sentenced a former top security official to life in prison, bringing an end to the campaign against the “political clique” he commanded.

A court in Changchun city, Jilin province, handed down a suspended death sentence with no chance of parole to 53-year-old former vice minister of public security Sun Lijun, according to state broadcaster China Central Television.

According to the newspaper, he was found guilty of stock manipulation, illegal weapons possession, receiving bribes totaling 646 million yuan ($91 million), and taking bribes.

China President Xi Jinping Arrested
Xi Jinping
Source: Instagram

Even though Sun’s political activities were not mentioned in the report, the party’s highest disciplinary body had previously charged him with “cultivating personal power and creating an interest group.”

He was also judged to have been negligent during the early 2020 Covid outbreaks and accused of disclosing private information.

Xi Jinping Personal Life

On June 15, 1953, Xi Jinping, the second child of Xi Zhongxun and Qi Xin, was born in Beijing. Xi’s father served in a number of positions following the establishment of the PRC in 1949, including Party propaganda head, vice-premier, and vice-chairperson of the National People’s Congress.

Qiaoqiao, born in 1949, and An’an, born in 1952, were Xi’s two older sisters. Xi could further trace his patrilineal ancestry back to Xiying in Dengzhou, Henan, while his father was from Fuping County in Shaanxi. In the 1960s, Xi attended Beijing No. 25 School first before transferring to Beijing Bayi School.

He made acquaintances with Liu He, a student at Beijing No. 101 School in the same neighborhood who went on to become Xi Jinping’s close advisor and vice-premier of China. In response to the pressure, one of Xi’s sisters, Xi Heping, committed suicide after student militants ransacked the Xi family home.

Later, as his Father was displayed in front of a mob as an adversary of the revolution, his mother was compelled to publicly denounce him.

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