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Victoria Folgueira Wikipedia Edad- Pareja Actual And Net Worth

Victoria Folgueira Wikipedia is now on the hunt by the people; her appearance in “Boom” has made people more curious about her.

Victoria is the only female member of “Los Dispersos,” the new squad of “Boom!” victors, and she has a history degree and studies in restoration and archaeology.

Victoria Folgueira makes a television comeback. One of the members of Los Dispersos, the new team making waves in “Boom!” for the past two weeks, is the 100-year-old from “Know and Win.” No other team could go this long without losing after Los Lobos left.

Considering that every member of Los Dispersos is a long-time friend of the audience, they have not gone unnoticed. Everyone has committed to a great career in “Know and win,” Jordi Hurtado’s popular format on La 2.

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Victoria Folgueira Wikipedia: Her Edad Explored 

Victoria Folgueira is not featured on the official Wikipedia page. 

Victoria Folgueira is a familiar face on TVE, yet many viewers have never heard of her. She is 47 years old, was born in Monelos, A Corua, and holds diplomas in restoration and archaeology and a history degree.

Victoria Folgueira
Victoria Folgueira Contestant Of Boom (Source: ElConfidencial)

As she previously admitted to Juanra Bonet, the inspiration for her career is Indiana Jones. “I’m a girl from the 80s, and when I saw ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ I swept away and wanted to accomplish that. I even asked if you could work on it as I was diving headfirst.

The closest thing was when I initially dove into a 16th-century wreck and saw the guns and muskets in the background. As you watch the video, it all becomes much more severe as the race begins. I realized then that this job was an adventure.

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Victoria Folgueira Pareja Actual

There is no clear information about who Victoria Folgueira’s current partner is. But by the looks of it, she might be married or have kids by now. 

She made her debut in Saber y Ganar in 2006 and was unstoppable over 86 programs, earning 107,985 euros. She has a degree in art history and has studied restoration and archaeology. This Coruan woman says, “I practice sports, I do historical fencing,” about her peculiar pastime. She is a member of “Boom’s” “Los Dispersos.”

Years ago, he stated in an interview with “La Opinion (A Corua)” that “it is vital to remain cool and under no circumstances look at the remaining seconds.” Folgueira asserts that nothing should ever be considered lost and that it is crucial “to think carefully about the definitions, pass those that are not clear and look for the solution at the end.”

Maybe this is the “formula” that will get The Dispersed closer to the boat that goes “Boom!” In truth, Victoria claims that she has never been “blank” and describes herself as a “very calm” individual who “responds well to pressure.” In “La Voz de Galicia” some time ago, she admitted that “nerves make me more attentive.”

Victoria Folgueira Net Worth 

Victoria Folgueira’s net worth might be between $1 and $ 3 million. 

Victoria Folgueira was unbeaten for 86 episodes after she first set foot on the “Know and Win” set in 2006. Ella Victoria could rejoin and complete the 100 programs because she had won that year’s Magnificent edition. The Galician earned a total of 107,985 euros across all of her programs.

Victoria Folgueira
Victoria Folgueira (Source: RTVE)

Victoria returned to the competition on March 19, 2015, due to her involvement in the ‘Know and win: part of your life’ special programs, but she was eliminated after 37 deliveries.

Everyone was in awe of the archaeologist and restorer’s exceptional ability to complete some of the contest’s tasks.

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