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Is Davida Williams Related To Serena Williams? Family Tree And Net Worth

Is Davida Williams Related to Serena Williams? You must have seen this question all over the web in recent days. But, do you know why? Well, there is an interesting story behind it.

Davida Williams is an accomplished actress, producer, director, and even a dancer from the United States. And Serena Williams is a legendary American tennis player who has won 23 Grand Slams singles.

Why are these 2 famous American personals with different careers related?

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To find out, adhere with us. Here we will not only reveal the relationship between Serena and Davida, but we will also provide insights into Davida Williams’s life details.

Is Davida Williams Related To Serena Williams? Relationship Explained

Well, the answer to this is both Yes and No.

As the fans wonder, why are the relationship questions between Davida Williams and Serena Williams popping? Serena’s younger sister Venus Williams is producing a movie, “GAME, SET, LOVE.”

According to Tennis. Com, the Hallmark film is based on a Tennis theme and will release on 27th August 2022.

Likewise, the film features actress Davida Williams and actor Richard Harmon. Davida will be playing the role of a former tennis player Taylor.

Hence, as the fans eagerly await the release date, they wonder if Davida has any family relationship with Serena Williams.

Davida Williams with co-star Richard Harmon at the set of
Davida Williams with co-star Richard Harmon at the set of “Game, Set, Love.” (Source: TV Shows Ace)

Their curiosity must have intrigued them as both the personalities share the same last name.

However, Davida does not appear in Serena’s family tree.

But, as Serena’s sister, Venus Willaims, cast Davida in her upcoming movie, we may say they are professionally related.

Venus Williams is a pro tennis player who recently retired from her athletic career and has decided to switch to the entertainment world.

Davida Williams Family & Ethnicity

Miss Williams was born in a family of mixed ethnicity; Afro-American and Italian.

According to Famous Birthdays, she was born in the year 1986. Her birthday is celebrated on 5th September, and she is 35 years old currently.

Her full name is Davida Brittany Williams.

Likewise, she is the daughter of a late American guitarist, David Williams. She was raised in San Fernando Valley, California, along with her sisters, Kenya Williams and Dana Williams.

Dana is a musical artist known for competing in an American singing competition, “Rising Star.”

Moreover, though the Williams family were strict Catholic, they supported Davida and Dana’s wish to act and sing. Maybe it was because their father, David, was already a renowned musical personality.

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Davida Williams Net Worth And Salary: How Much Is Her Earning?

The actress’s net worth in 2022 is expected to be millions.

Though it is evident that Davida’s earnings are lucrative, the exact sum of her earnings is yet to be disclosed.

Also, some online portals report her net worth as between $ 1 million and $ 5 million, but the actress has not verified the information yet.

Nonetheless, according to Davida’s IMDb profile, she began acting at the tender age of 8. She didn’t get the leading roles during the initial days but was often seen making guest appearances in famous shows like “Days of Our Lives.”

However, with time, her acting skills began to make a mark, and she also started to get the main lead.

Moreover, Davida made her big screen debut in 1996 in a sitcom called “Sister, Sister.”

As of the present, she has acted in dozens of films and TV series, and she is best known for her role in the TV show “Lizzie McGuire.”

In addition to acting, Williams is equally talented in singing and photography.

Nonetheless, at 13 years, she became the youngest person to appear in the late renowned makeup artist Kevin Aucoins final book, “Face Forward.”

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