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Maria Shriver Health Update: What Happened To Her? Did She Had Stroke Again?

Currently, Maria Shriver health issues have not been updated publically, but she keeps raising health-related awareness promptly. From proper health attention, it does not seem like she has been affected by a stroke.

Sixty-seven years old, Shriver is a famous personality whose private life is often out in the public eye. Her professional background includes being a Journalist and author from which she has gained noterioty.

She is associated with the Kennedy family, was the former First Lady of California, and is the founder of the charity organization The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. 

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Maria Shriver Health Update: What Happened To Her?

Maria Shriver’s health-related information has not been publicly updated, as she seems fine. She keeps updating herself on social media sites.

A day ago, she posted about the Alzheimer’s Awareness Month celebration. Being in a higher-level position and well-educated, she has always taken wide steps for health care movements.

Maria's mother Kennedy Shriver hospitalized after stroke
Maria’s mother, Kennedy Shriver was previously hospitalized after a stroke [Source- TODAY]
She is currently sixty-seven years old and may have slowly gained health problems, but she has not shared it recently. Going through her Instagram feed, she has been actively sharing her work and enjoyment-related posts, so one can conclude that nothing serious is affecting her.

Maria often posts positive content. She feels age does not restrict any enjoyment in her life and often parties to enhance her moments. If she were suffering from anything serious, she would not have been able to live actively.

Did Maria Shriver Have A Stroke Again?

No, Maria Shriver did not have a stroke. Her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was hospitalized at the UCLA Medical Center many years ago after a minor stroke. 

People may have been confused after both have a similar face, but Maria has not publically acknowledged having a stroke. Even her Father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2003.

Shriver has been a part of philanthropic work, and health concern has been a vast topic for her. She speaks highly about such problems and looks forward to supporting the cause in any way.

She has focused on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and has supported many other causes. Shriver raises funds and awareness for Best Buddies International, which focuses on helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Maria Shriver Is Buying Houses for Her Kids
Maria Shriver Is Buying Houses for Her Kids [Source- Maria Shriver]
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Maria Shriver Family; Husband And Children

Maria Shriver’s family has now extended to grandchildren. She exchanged vows with Schwarzenegger in Hyannis, Massachusetts, at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church on April 26, 1986.

After their union, she gave birth to four children. However, after twenty-five years, the couple decided to split up, which was heartbreaking for the family.

Her ex-husband also belonged to celebrity status as he is an Austrian-American actor, movie producer, entrepreneur, retired professional bodybuilder, and politician. He was in the position of the 38th governor of California between 2003 and 2011.

Similarly, their children are already in their adult phase with well-built families. They are often spotted on the social media profiles of Maria.

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