Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal?

Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal? Family Ethnicity, Religion And Net Worth

AFL fans are keen to know Dustin Martin’s ethnicity after his Father confirmed to be aboriginal to live in Australia. Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal? 

 Australian rules footballer Dustin Martin plays for Richmond Football Club in the position of forward and midfield for the Australian Football League.

The Richmond midfielder was drafted by Richmond with the third pick in the 2009 national draft and made his AFL debut in the opening round of the 2010 season. 

In 2016, Martin won the Jack Dyer Medal as Richmond’s best and fairest player, who won three memberships, two Jack Dryer Medals, and four All-Australian selections for individual accolades in various streams. Additionally, he has won several major best-on-ground awards, including the Leigh Matthews Trophy, the AFLCA champion player of the year award, and the second Jack Dyer Medal.

The sole player to claim the Gary Ayres Award thrice, The Richmond midfielder was described by AFL legend Leigh Matthews as the greatest-ever individual season by a VFL/AFL player. 

Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal?

According to Dailymail, Dustin’s Father, Shane Martin, confirmed as Indigenous, which is a major boost in his bid to be allowed back into Australia.

His Father, Shane Martin, was allowed to return to live with his son – three years after being deported from Australia to New Zealand for his links to the Rebels OMCG.

Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal?
Dustin’s Father, Shane Martin confirmed they are Indigenous as an Aboriginal heritage
Source: FOXsports

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, an Indigenous authority has confirmed Martin has Aboriginal heritage after Border Force officials described it as a ‘stunt.’

Shane, the former Rebels boss, flew from New Caledonia to Sydney on Sunday, claiming he had an Indigenous grandmother and the High Court ruling meant he had been wrongly deported.

In December 2016, sources revealed that Midfileder’s Father and his three sons, including Dustin and his siblings, were issued certificates confirming their Aboriginal genealogy.

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Dustin Martin Ethnicity: What Is His Religion?

Dustin Martin’s ethnicity is Tasmanian Aboriginal. However, his religion is unveiled in the media.

Dustin’s Father reportedly told border officials he had an Indigenous grandmother who lives in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation confirmed their authenticity on October 18, 2022.

The High Court accepts biological descent, self-identification, and whether or not an indigenous community in Australia has received a person as proof of indigenous status.

Before moving to New Zealand, Shane’s grandmother was an Indigenous woman living in Tasmania.

As per reports, the corporation examined the combination of documentary evidence and oral history to confirm Aboriginality based on the person identifying as Aboriginal, ancestry research, and whether an Aboriginal community accepts them.

Who Are Dustin Martin’s Family Members?

Richmond Midfielder Dustin,31, was born in Castlemaine, Victoria, Shane Martin, to a Māori Father and Kathy Knight, an Australian mother.

Dustin and his brothers, Tyson and Bronson, have family connections to the Ngāti Maru tribe on New Zealand’s north island.

Is Dustin Martin Aboriginal?
Shane Martin and his three sons – including Richmond star Dustin (left) – were issued with certificates in 2016 that proved they had Aboriginal heritage
Source: Dailymail

Dustin’s Father, Martin Snr, was born in New Zealand but considered Australia home after moving to New South Wales at 20. 

In 2016, he was kicked out by then Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and was forced to build a new life for himself in Auckland.

His Father joined the notorious Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang, eventually rising to the role of club president.

How Much Is Dustin Martin’s Net Worth In 2022?

As of October 2022, the Richmond champion has amassed a property empire of $14 million in the space, per FOXsports.

Furthermore, the report reveals Martin and Carr have made five property purchases since first combining to buy a Richmond warehouse for $2.2 million.

During the 2013 season, Dustin Martin and his management rejected Richmond’s offer of roughly $500,000 per season in favor of a deal of around six hundred thousand at another club.

According to The Herald Sun’s AFL Rich 100, the AFL pro had a salary of around $850,000 after taking a pay cut of approximately $300,000 as part of the AFL’s salary cap cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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