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Is Jason Thompson Leaving The Young And The Restless In 2022? His New Job And Net Worth

Fans have wondered whether Jason Thompson is leaving The Young And The Restless In 2022. 

The character Billy Abbott from The Young and the Restless is the subject of persistent rumors in the daytime Drama industry. Soap Dirt makes several convincing arguments as to why Jason Thompson should quit his job soon. 

The spoiler reveals what viewers have been debating for months the writers have purposefully been tearing the character apart little by little.

Is Jason Thompson Leaving The Young And The Restless?

Jason Thompson might decide shortly to leave The Young and The Restless and join General Hospital. The strongest argument in favor of his departure is this one.

In related news, some people predicted that Michelle Stafford and Gina Tognoni might switch roles, but this has not yet occurred. Billy Miller, who was gambling, changed his name to Billy Abbott while Victoria and he were in love and getting married on the island.

Jason Thompson leaving
Twitter Reaction On Jason Thompson leaving (Source: Twitter)

The spoiler validates what guests had been speculating about for months: The character has been purposefully gradually demystified by the authors. Billy first examines the blackouts and attempts to murder Adam.

He participates in a few counseling sessions and appears to be getting better. The gum-chewing modified ego appeared to vanish as soon as it was finished, offending fans.

Fans are now satisfied that there are various ways the writers can keep them out of the series. According to Soap Dirt, Jason Thompson leaving the occasion too soon is one of several strong arguments for accepting the truth. It seems to be a recast since Y&R begins filming the following week, and Billy Abbott’s script has already been written.

Jason Thompson is undoubtedly taking a break from Y&R, though. Of course, Billy should write for two weeks, and the CBS Drama should always be jumbled.

Jason Thompson Expressed His Frustration On The Show

Youthful & Restless Billy’s actor, Jason Thompson, vented a little bit about the current situation in his Instagram story video about shooting the show’s love scenes. 

Is Jason Thompson Leaving
Jason Thompson shares about the show in Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

After watching the episode where Victoria confessed her love to Ashland, he was furious. Not because his alter-ex, ego, who also happens to be her character, was moving on, but rather due to something crucial that was omitted from the scene.

Thompson sternly commanded his followers to get immunized. He appeared to be growing frustrated with the situation and the protocols that must be maintained because the pandemic is still ongoing. So Victoria and Ashland can kiss, he continued, and everything can return to normal.

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Thompson ended on a lighter note, saying, “Hey, trust me, she needs it,” after expressing his desire for Victoria and Ashland to be able to kiss.

Jason Thompson Health Issues: What Happened To Him?

Jason Thompson disclosed in June that he had been given a COVID-19 diagnosis. Before undergoing a rigorous test, the Billy Abbott actor claimed he had been “dodging COVID” for 2.5 years.

The Billy actor, however, expressed sorrow over missing some events. 

Jason updated his followers on Instagram. “Two years after dodging Kovid,” he captioned the photo. He also regretted canceling his attendance at the @daytimeemmys, which was misconstrued as a slight. He wanted to toast good fortune and a great night for his fellow nominees and friends.

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But according to the reports, he is doing well three months after the positive report. Regarding his fitness replacement, he performed well despite testing poorly for COVID-19.

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