Sabrina Cook

Who Is Sabrina Cook? Kyle Cook Wife, Kids And Net Worth

Sabrina Cook is the former spouse of famous American musician and banjo player David Kyle Cook. On June 13, 1999, they exchanged vows.

Actress Sabrina Cook is well-known for her roles in the films Death Metal Zombies, Call to Fly, and Zombiefied.

Her two children are Makenzie, born on February 23, 1999, and Ava, born on March 28, 2002.

She is hardly spotted dating since her divorce from Kyle Cook.

Who is Sabrina Cook?

Actress Sabrina Cook is well-known. She is noted for her parts in the films Death Metal Zombies, Call to Fly, and Zombiefied.

David Kyle Cook, a well-known American musician and banjo player, previously wed Sabrina Cook.

Since she and Kyle Cook separated, she has barely been seen dating.

Sabrina Cook
Sabrina Cook with her husband, David Kyle Cook, during her marriage (source: moneypromax)

Sabrina Cook is an extremely reclusive individual. She is a person of mystery. She hasn’t shared anything about her boyfriend online or on social networking sites since she wants to keep things private.

Sabrina is a very sensible and modest young lady.

Even after being married to a well-known artist, Sabrina has never let anybody in on the details of her personal life.

She achieved popularity and notoriety when she married Kyle, but following their divorce, she began to retreat and lead a very secluded life with her girls.

Kyle and she both have joint custody of the girls.

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Sabrina Cook Husband: Kyle Cook

David Kyle Cook, an American musician, born on August 29, 1975, is most known for being a lead guitarist, banjo player, backup singer, and occasional lead vocalist for the band Matchbox Twenty.

Indiana’s Frankfort is where Cook was born.

He is 48 years old and stands at the height of 5’4″ (1.6256(m) 162.56 inches) (cm)

On October 12, 2018, Cook released Wolves, his debut solo album.

Before learning to play the guitar, Cook spent five years on the classical violin. He started with a classical guitar.

Cook studied at the Norcross, Georgia-based Atlanta Institute of Music. He also spent some time residing in Oviedo, Florida.

Sabrina Cook
Cook performing with Matchbox Twenty in 2013 (source: Wikipedia)

Sabrina Cook Kids

Makenzie Cook and Ava Cook were Sabrina Cook’s kids with Kyle Cook during their marriage. They have now reached ages 23 and 20, respectively.

Jackie Snyder, her former mother-in-law, works as a teacher in Frankfort, Indiana. Kyle Cook frequently attributes a lot of his success desire to her.

They split custody of their kids since they got divorced. They dine together during the weekends as well as during some holidays.

Kyle financially supports his girls since he is financially secure and successful.

Sabrina and Kyle have built a wholesome, joyful atmosphere for their daughter’s future.

They constantly desire the best for their girls and are there for them through every stage of life.

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Sabrina Cook Net Worth

The American musician David Kyle Cook is most known for being a part of the group Matchbox Twenty.

He has also played banjo, lead guitar, backup vocals, and occasionally the main vocals. The estimated Kyle Cook Net Worth for 2022 is $10 million.

The most recent Kyle Cook salary reports indicate he makes about $30K monthly. Nevertheless, Kyle Cook makes around $360,000 a year.

When Sabrina Cook and Kyle Cook divorced, she received around $5 million as alimony.

Sabrina has appeared in several films, including Call to Fly, Zombiefied, and Death Metal Zombies.

These films have aided Sabrina’s ability to support herself.

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