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Is Robbie Williams Sick? Illness And Health Update 2022

Is Robbie Williams sick now? No! But he was. The England-born musician faced several health issues, including drug and alcohol addiction, social anxiety, and hormonal imbalance. Most recently, the singer had one of the worst mercury poisoning cases.

Robert Peter Williams, also known as Robbie Williams, is a renowned English singer and songwriter. He rose to fame during his involvement with the pop group Take That from 1990 to 1995.

The England-born musician achieved commercial success even in his solo career. Among 12 studio albums, all but one album became number 1 in the UK. Six of the legendary singer’s albums made it to the top 100 biggest-selling albums in the country.

In addition, Robbie gained Guinness World Record in 2006 for 1.6 million tickets sold in one day during his Close Encounters Tour. However, behind his successful career, the musician dealt with mental health, drug addiction, poisoning, and many other health issues. Let’s find out how he is doing now.

Robbie Williams Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Robbie Williams became addicted to alcohol and started taking various drugs while still, a member of the band Take That.

In 1994, the singer was drug overdosed the night before the band was scheduled to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Later in June 1995, he was spotted partying with Oasis, resulting in his band’s request. Eventually, in February 1996, the pop band was disbanded.

However, Williams’s addiction only worsened with time. Sir Elton John checked upon the talented singer and helped him get into rehab. As time passed, the musician would go back to the rehab center several times and struggle to find ways to cope with anxiety.

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams struggled with drug addiction back in the 1990s. (Source: YouTube)

It was also reported that he used anti-depressants to cope with his unease with sudden stardom. Plus, the talented singer also had a brief flirtation with heroin.

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Robbie Williams Battled Agoraphobia

Robbie Williams’s health issues include his battle with agoraphobia, and he was housebound for three years, from 2006 to 2009.

Following the drug and alcohol addiction, the Love My Life hitmaker battled a social anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, and body image issues. Later, the singer revealed that the only thing that made him feel better was music.

The song Human by The Killers developed the courage to seek help and restart his career. After many sessions of therapy, the Angels’ singer returned in 2009.

Robbie Williams’ sickness also includes a hormonal imbalance diagnosed in 2010. Back then, the Somethin’ Stupid hitmaker disclosed that he had suffered from the illness for about four years.

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Robbie Williams Heath Updates 2022

Robbie Williams’ recent health issues scared him so much that he became vegan. The Let Me Entertain You singer was diagnosed with mercury poisoning in late 2021.

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams turned vegan in 2021 after he had extreme mercury poisoning from eating fish twice a day. (Source: Social Media)

Talking about his shocking health ordeal, Robbie explained he developed the issues after eating too much-contaminated fish. He used to eat fish twice daily, resulting in the highest level of poisoning the medical professionals had ever seen.

The musician joked that’s how his ego works! ‘I’ve got the highest? Thank you.’ I won the mercury award”. Rbbied Williams’ wife is the one who convinced him to get his mercury levels tested.

Furthermore, in 2020 the singer admitted that he had an addiction to online golf games.

In conclusion, Robbie Williams overcame several mental issues and substance-induced disorders and restarted his career. His professional career is rocking, as always. At last, we wish the singer a healthy life ahead.

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