Shaun Wallace Wife Matilda Bray

Is Shaun Wallace Wife Matilda Bray? Children And Family

Who is Shaun Wallace wife Matilda Bray? Shaun Wallace is qualified as an ideal Chaser on ITV’s The Chase.

In addition to being a lecturer and a lawyer, he also won Mastermind in 2004 and finished 286th in the 2012 World Quizzing Championships.

His appearances on the show are made even more interesting because he also has a sarcastic tongue, ready to tear down the competitors anytime they become overconfident. Wallace does, however, prefer to keep these particulars private when it comes to his personal life.

Who is Shaun Wallace Wife Matilda Bray?

Wallace has appeared on TV numerous times since 2004 to demonstrate his intelligence to the public. Following Mastermind, Are You An Egghead? The Weakest Link, and Fifteen To One, he made his television debut on Mastermind.

Wallace joined The Chase’s roster in 2009 and is well-known for sayings like “One question shoot-out” and “Just another day at the office.” He, Anne Hegerty, also known as The Governess, and Mark Labbett, who plays The Beast, comprised the initial cast of The Chase.

Bradley Walsh, a comedian, and host, has presided over the quiz show from its inception. Despite Wallace’s remarkable professional accomplishments, nothing is known about his personal life other than that he is the oldest of four children.

Fans did have the misconception for a while that Wallace was happily wed to Matilda Bray. Wikipedia described the couple’s marriage but did not mention any offspring. Wallace, however, is not married to anyone. Thus this is untrue.

Shaun Wallace Personal Life and Family

Shaun Anthony Linford Wallace was born in London’s Central Middlesex Hospital on June 2, 1960. He was raised in Wembley and went to Copland School there. He is the oldest of four children and is of Jamaican descent. He enjoys playing football and is a Chelsea fan.

Shaun Wallace Wife Matilda Bray
Shaun Wallace in an interview. Source: Instagram

Wallace appeared on the ITV program “DNA Journey” in 2022, which provided extensive information about his lineage in Nigeria, Jamaica, and numerous other African nations.

Shaun Wallace Television

Shaun Wallace won the BBC general knowledge competition Mastermind in 2004, which also gauges a contestant’s competence in a chosen field. In the final, he focused on the FA Cup Finals, his area of expertise.

Wallace barely lost to Barry Simmons in the finals of the inaugural season of Are You an Egghead?

He has also competed on programs like Fifteen to One, The Weakest Link, and the British version of Greed.

Wallace has made several appearances as a “chaser” on the ITV teatime game show The Chase since 2009. On the show, he goes by the moniker “The Dark Destroyer.”

The other chasers are Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, and Darragh Ennis. Additionally, he may be seen on Beat The Chasers, The Family Chase, and The Chase: Celebrity Special. Alongside fellow UK chasers Hegerty and Labbett, he appeared as a guest chaser on the Australian version of the show in 2018.

Chasing the Dream, his autobiography was published in 2018. Wallace made an appearance on the Catchphrase celebrity edition in 2019. Additionally, he appeared as a guest on the Channel 4 quiz show Countdown’s “Dictionary Corner.” In 2019, Wallace participated in the “Junk Food Experiment.”

As an assistant, Wallace participated in Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow for Taking Your Pick! in June 2020. Wallace appeared as a Black history month correspondent for Good Morning Britain in October 2020. Wallace participated in the ITV rowing competition show Don’t Rock the Boat in November 2020.

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