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Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Is Cole Barnett related to Matt Barnett? Let’s dive deep into the content to know more about their relationship and family. 

On season three of Love Is Blind, Cole Barnett has begun his hunt for true love, and viewers have already seen an odd resemblance to a past star.

On Wednesday, October 19, a social media user tweeted, “Cole has entered the league of frat boys,” along with a picture of the 27-year-old next to images of classmates Matt Barnett and Shayne Jansen.

A different person remarked: “How is Cole a mix of Barnett and Shayne like he even has the surname Barnett? For this show, S2G and himbos are being mass-produced.

Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett?

Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett? This has been a topic of interest among people. Cole established the mood for Love Is Blind’s third season from the show’s initial episodes were broadcast.

Fans first heard Cole ask, “Where you at, wifey?” in his early scenes as he looked for love in the pods. After Cole finished speaking, a fan suggested that the new LIB candidate was connected to the first Barnett on the show because of how much he resembled Matt. More admirers acknowledged they had seen Cole and Matt’s similarity after the Twitter user’s humorous connection.

Eventually, Cole posted jokes about him and Matt on his Instagram account. Despite sharing a last name with Matt, Cole also said they are unrelated. Despite not being connected to Matt, Cole on Love Is Blind aspires to follow a similar path.

The first season of the romantic competition featured Matt, who wed Amber in the season finale. Matt and Amber have been married for almost four years and are still going strong.

Family Tree of Cole Barnett

Cole Barnett, 27 at the time of the shooting, appeared to have grown up in a devoted family in Rendon, Texas. His cherished relationships helped him form a strong sense of family that he has carried with him.

Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett
Cole Barnett’s Instagram image is captioned ‘Say less’. Source: Instagram

The reality star appears close to his loved ones and periodically travels back to his hometown, despite his refusal to publicly discuss much of his family and early years. Furthermore, he frequently takes time away from his hectic schedule to be with his family and attributes his achievement to them.

Net Worth of Cole Barnett

Despite having a Bachelor’s in General Christian Studies, Cole quickly preferred purchasing and selling homes. The reality star’s family also gave him unwavering support and inspired him to pursue his aspirations because they knew he was determined to make a living doing what he loved.

As a result, Cole founded Bdellium Real Estate in August 2019, based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Even after realizing his dream of owning his own real estate Company, Cole recognized that he had already proven himself and started giving everything he had to his business.

Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett
Cole Barnett turned 27. Source: Instagram

As his reputation grew, the effort eventually paid off, and Bdellium Real Estate became prominent in the sector. Cole was prepared to expand his real estate business by May 2020 and quickly attained the position of Acquisition Manager at JZ Home Buyers.

In addition to his roles as a real estate agent and acquisition manager, he also manages a YouTube channel and has a small number of followers on TikTok.

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