Shannon Bubb: Ex-Girlfriend, Career & Net Worth

The fantastic thing about social media is how it gives power to powerless people. Shannon Bubb is someone who understood the potential of social media and fully utilized it. 

Who is Shannon Bubb, you may ask? Shannon Bubb is an American Instagram and social media influencer. 

Unlike people in college and working some trivial job while figuring out life, Shannon is quite different than people her age and has her career path set out. 

Shannon Bubb in person.

While Shannon’s professional life may be going well, her love life seems to be all over the place. She was engaged to her love before separating a few years ago. 

Shannon has openly talked about her sexual orientation. In addition, Bubb supports the LGBTQ community and advocates for young people. 

In this article, you will find everything you need about Shannon Bubb.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the beautiful Shannon Bubb:

Full name Shannon Bubb
Date of birth April 15, 1996
Age 28 Years Old
Birthplace Texas, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Aries 
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 55 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $ 100 Thousand
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Marital Status Unmarried 
Profession Instagram Model
Current  status Active
Nickname Bubb
Salary Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Debut year 2016 
Last Update May 2024

Shannon Bubb: Early Life 

Shannon Bubb was born on April 15, 1996. She was born and raised in Texas state of United States of America. 

Her father’s name and her mother’s name have not been revealed. Neither has any information about their profession or their whereabouts. 

Shannon is a single child and has no siblings. Having no siblings meant she had all the love and support from her parents growing up. 

While much has not ever been revealed about her childhood, Shannon was a lively and jolly kid growing up and loved to make friends. 

There is no information on which high school Shannon went to. But she has graduated from high school but never enrolled in any university.

Shannon was always interested in the latest fashion and loved reading fashion magazines. The social media influencer always knew she would be part of the media.

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Shannon Bubb: Personal Life 

Shannon is an American, and when it comes to religious belief, she is a Christian and is caucasian in ethnicity. 

Being born in April, Shannon is an Aries. Aries is a fire sign and is known to be very straightforward. 

Aries people have traits such as being loud, aggressive, friendly, kind, and faithful.

Shannon is the perfect example of Aries when it comes to their passionate side, as she puts all her effort into something she dreams of.

Growing up in Texas, Shannon had quite the accent. She loves nature and embraces it as a part of her own.

She loves going to the beaches and calls the ocean her escape from life. 

Shannon is an avid animal lover. Growing up, she had two dogs and one cat. She was also very fond of horses and loved to go horse riding.

Even now, she has three dogs which she often shows on her social media. The dogs are named Derp, Kenai, and Koda. 

Bubb also has four cats as pets. The cats are named Theo, Shan, Kuro, and Flynn. 

Just by the list of her pets, it is pretty clear how much she loves animals. 

Shannon is a lesbian in terms of sexual orientation. She came out when she was in her teen years.

While it may have come off as a shock to the Bubb parents regardless, they were highly supportive of their daughter’s choices. 

Coming out can be extremely difficult for most people, but that was not the case with Shannon, who embraced her sexual preferences early on.


Shannon was in a relationship with Tiyana Sky, an Instagram model by profession. The two separated in 2019. 

The duo met in February of 2017 and instantly hit it off. The chemistry between them was off the roof, and they dated for two years before deciding to go their way.

Similarly, Tiyana and Shannon’s differences were not reconcilable, so they broke it off. 

Before their breakup, the couple even had a shared Instagram account named Shannon and Tiyana. 

They displayed their love for each other through cute couple pictures and equally adorable captions.

The two were rumored to be engaged for a short time. But later, it was reported to be not true. 

Shannon Bubb’s ex-girlfriend Tiyana Sky

After feeling distant for a while, Shannon and Tiyana separated. 

But while they were dating, the couple had a huge fan base that supported the relationship.

The fans were somewhat disappointed when the couple broke up. 

Before Tiyana started dating Shannon, she was in a relationship with TV reality star Demi Burnett. 

And currently, Tiyana has moved on to a girl named Maggie and seems happy with her relationship. 

It seems that even Shannon has moved on. She is currently dating model Natasha Fonseca. 

Moreover, there are no updates about the couple, and it looks like Shannon is bent on keeping this relationship private until it is serious.

Shannon Bubb: Professional Career

After posting her first picture on Instagram in the summer of 2016, Shannon caught the eyes of many followers.

And overnight, she had thousands of followers. She realized the potential of being a social media influencer and started on her media journey.

Since then, Shannon has been famous for posting about her lifestyle and fashion. As a result, she earned a considerable amount from Instagram. 

Shannon has not yet become a top-notch model, but her career seems to be heading towards that path.

Shannon Bubb: Net Worth

In a short time, Shannon gained fame and fortune from the social media game. 

She mainly earns from her brand endorsement deals and modeling gigs.

In addition, she earned from Instagram by posting on swimwear and the latest fashion wear. 

Shannon Bubb has a net worth around 100 thousand dollars. 

Her exact earnings have not been revealed, but she earned about 300 to 500 dollars per Instagram post.

She has yet to become an established model, but she seems to be doing pretty well. 

Shannon is often seen in patches and exotic locations for vacations.

It is pretty clear that with her earnings, Shannon seems to be living quite a comfortable life.

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Shannon Bubb: Physical Appearance

Regarding height, Shannon is five feet and seven inches tall. She weighs around 55 kgs. 

Shannon has a great figure which she has maintained throughout the year’s thanks to her strict diet. 

Shannon Bubb posing for a camera while having a milkshake
Shannon Bubb posing for a camera while having a milkshake

Her exact body measurements are not yet known. But, her shoe size is a Uk size 7. 

Shannon has naturally blonde hair, but she is very fond of experimenting with hair colors and has had several highlights in the past.

She has brown eyes. Perhaps the most distinct feature on her face is her voluminous lips.

Bubb has a fair skin complexion and a curvy body shape.

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Shannon Bubb: Social Media

Shannon used to be quite active on social media. Her Instagram handle had more than fifty thousand followers. 

But recently, she has deactivated her Instagram account due to unknown reasons.

Hopefully, she will be back soon enough to give updates to her fans. 

Shannon Bubb: FAQs

Is Shannon Bubb married?

No, Shannon Bubb is not married.

Does Shannon Bubb have any children?

No, Shannon does not have any children yet.

Did Shannon Bubb date Justin Bieber?

No, Shannon Bubb didn’t date Justin.

Likewise, Bubb is somewhat influenced by the Baby singer and claims Bieber is one of her idols.

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