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Glenn Jones Kids With His Wife Genobia Jeter: Meet Son Corey Glenn

Fans of R&B have spent quite some time looking for information on Glenn Jones kids. The singer of ‘I’ve Been Searching (Nobody Like You)’ does have a son, but his biodata is almost non-existent.

American R&B/soul singer Glenn Jones was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 27, 1962.

His career in music peaked when his songs Show Me, We’ve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over), and Here I Go Again reached No. 1 on the Billboard R&B charts in 1991/1992.

Jones began his career as a gospel performer and smoothly transitioned into R&B. His career in the R&B genre escalated in 1980 when he joined Norman Connors on a song from his album Take It To The Limit.

Glenn Jones got married to Genobia Jeter, who herself is a successful musical artist, in 1992.

Meet Glenn Jones Kids: Son Corey Glenn

Glenn Jones and Genobia Jeter have been in a loving marriage ever since they got married in 1992.

Together, they have a son named Corey Glenn. It is unclear if they have other children. In fact, there is little to no information about Corey Glenn himself.

Despite having star singers for parents, Glenn Jones kids seem to be away from the media limelight.

A social media post suggested that Corey did not follow in his parent’s footsteps in the music industry. Instead, Glenn Jones kids chose his path in a different field from his parents.

Both Jones and Genobia have been private about their marriage, family, and personal life ever since they earned fame.

Since very little is known about their personal life, information on Glenn Jones kids is also scarce.

Glenn Jones Instagram post
Unlike Genobia, Jones is quite active on Instagram, sharing details about his upcoming gigs and musical performances with his fans. (Source: Instagram)

Though he is comparatively more active on social media, Glenn Jones kids’ privacy is maintained well.

It is very rare for Glenn Jones kids to appear publicly or on the internet.

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Who Is Genobia Jeter? Relationship With Glenn Jones

Apart from being related to Glenn Jones as his wife, Genobia Jeter is the cousin of disco superstar Julie Cheeks and the niece of renowned gospel singer Reverend Julius Cheeks.

She goes by the name “Doosie” in the gospel community.

In 1980, the amazing singer, along with the Savoy label, released the gospel albums Heaven (1980), Things ‘Have’ Gotta Get Better (1981), and Genobia Jeter (1981).

Genobia’s gospel album Genobia Jeter featured a duet, Not Just For Today, with Glenn Jones.

Glenn Jones and Gebonia Jetter
The loving couple have created a number of tracks in collaboration with each other long before getting hitched. (Source: Instagram)

The duo also worked together to create Keep On Doin, a cult modern soul duet from Glenn Jones’ album I Am Somebody in 1983.

In 1986, Genobia turned towards mainstream music with Genobia, which included Blessing in Disguise, Take a Look, and All Of My Love, written and produced by Meli’sa Morgan and Lesette Wilson.

Hubert Eaves, Robert Wright, and Wayne Brathwaite all contributed as producers to the album.

She also sang background vocals with James’ D Train’ Willams. Nothing is known about Genobia’s history in dating and relationships before marrying Glenn Jones.

Though not much is known about their lives behind the fame, it is clear that the duo proved to be amazing parents and have raised a wonderful family.

Glenn Jones and Genobia Jeter have also established an organization, ‘The Love Jones Foundation,’ to give back to the world.

The organization assists the elderly and youth with opportunities to learn and express themselves through education and music.

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