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Issa Rae Husband Louis Diame – Age Difference And Net Worth

Multi-faceted Hollywood Superstar Issa Rae is married to her husband, Louis Diame. Husband Diame is able to stay away from the spotlight while supporting his wife from the sidelines.

Issa Rae and her husband, Diame, have been dating for over a decade. The earliest mentions came in 2012 through a Washington Post article.

In the article, Issa refers to Louis Diame as her boyfriend, which shows that the couple has been together for at least a decade.

The couple had been dating for a long time before Issa Rae struck stardom. They officially got married in 2021.

Issa Rae married her husband, Louis Diame, at a romantic ceremony in the South of France.

Issa Rae Husband Louis Diame

Rae’s husband Louis Diame is quite a private person. Not many of his details are known to the public.

Louis is likely to be born in 1983 or 1984, which makes him around 38 or 39 years old.

Issa Rae and Louis have just recently become husband and wife after dating for a long time.

Issa Rae and her husband Louis Diame
Issa Rae and her husband Louis Diame

Louis Diame is an international banker living in Los Angeles.

Louis Diame was born in Dakar, Senegal. Both Diame and Issa have roots in Senegal and are African-Americans.

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Louis has been off social media. He even deleted his existing Social Media accounts to maintain his privacy.

Though low-key, Louis has made appearances to support Issa Rae while receiving honors. 

Louis has maintained a very healthy relationship with Issa Rae’s family and attends every family event together.

The couple had kept their relationship completely private. They only announced the marriage in July 2021 while surprising all of Issa’s followers.

Issa Rae And Louis Diame Age Difference

Jo-Issa Rae Diop, better known as Issa Rae, is married to her husband, Louis Diame, in July 2021.

Issa was born on January 12, 1985, and is a professional actress, writer, producer, and comedian.

The ultra-talented Issa Rae initially gained attention with her work on Awkward Black Girl. Awkward Black Girl is a web series on Youtube.

The talented Issa Rae, 37 years old, later rose into stardom with Insecure, which gathered a total of 11 Emmy nominations.

Although Louis Diame’s exact age is not available, he is estimated to be in his late 30s. 

Issa and her husband are suspected of having a one or two-year age difference from one another.

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It is not known when the couple started dating. They have achieved their goals in life and married one another only after a long time.

Issa’s father is Abdoulaye Diop, a pediatrician and neonatologist from Senegal, and her mother is Delyna Diop, a teacher from Louisiana.

Both Issa and her husband have roots in Senegal. Issa even spent some of her childhood in Senegal with her family.

Issa Rae has constantly used her platform to show support to the Black community of African-Americans in the USA.

She has spoken about police violence and brutality against African-Americans.

Louis Diame Net Worth

Louis Diame treasures an estimated net worth of $2 million.

With his work as an international banker and businessman, he is an established individual professionally.

The Senegalese businessman has worked with Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings, among other brands.

Although his LinkedIn is private, it states his profession as ‘Independent Banking Professional.’ 

Issa Rae’s husband, Louis works in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

Due to both of their private personalities, exact information on them is quite hard to find.

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