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Is Lee Zeldin Jewish? Religion – N.Y. Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked At Campaign

At the upstate campaign event, a man charged the stage and attacked N.Y. Gubernatorial Jewish candidate Lee Zeldin. What happened – Find out!!

A 43-year-old man approached New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Rep. Lee Zeldin with a sharp object in hand as they wrestled before onlookers had to assist Zeldin in apprehending the man.

The man was disarmed by several audience members and put in zip-ties before the Police arrived at the crime scene.

Zeldin managed to get away with minimal injuries. The attacker has been taken into custody by the Police for further questioning.

Is Lee Zeldin Jewish? Religion Explored

Lee Michael Zeldin was born in East Meadow, New York, USA, on January 30, 1980. He is currently running a campaign for New York Gubernatorial Candidate. 

Zeldin was born to David Zeldin and Merrill Schwartz, where he attended William Floyd High School and Hebrew School in 1998. 

Zeldin received a bachelor’s degree in political science from SUNY University in 2001. He attained J.D. from Albany Law School in 2003 and got admitted to the New York State Bar in 2004.

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Zeldin also joined the US Army as an active duty second lieutenant from 2003 to 2007 and transitioned to army reserve after receiving the rank of lieutenant colonel.

In 2008, Zeldin started his own general practice law firm in New York which he operated full-time until 2010, when he was elected to the New York 3rd state senate district.

Lee Zeldin Ethnicity And Family Background

Lee Zeldin was born into a White-American family within a conservative Judaism mindset. 

Conservative Judaism is also known as Masorti Judaism which is a Jewish religious movement that regards law and tradition as coming from older generations rather than a deity or divine power. 

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He is married to his wife, Diana Zeldin, who was brought up in a Mormon household. The couple got married in private wedding ceremony. 

Diana and Lee Zeldin have identical twin daughters, Mikayla and Arianna Zeldin. 

Diana Zeldin, formerly known as Diana Gidish, changed her name after marrying her husband. She is a practicing Mormon but has also joined the Joseph Smith-founded faith. 

Lee Zeldin often discusses his Jewish religion and assists the Jewish community proudly.

Zeldin is a conservative Jewish for the Republicans and is currently an American attorney, a member of Congress, and an Officer in the US Army Reserve. 

Congressman Zeldin was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2020 but later announced in 2021 that he won the battle against Cancer and was healthy.

Who Attacked Lee Zeldin At Campaign?

During his campaign event, a 43 year old man attacked Congressman Lee Zeldin.

The local police identified the attacker as David Jakubonis of Fairport. He charged Zeldin and was subsequently subdued by onlookers.

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The man launched himself at Zeldin with a sharp object. However, Zeldin was able to maneuver himself away from harm, both men falling to the floor.

Lee Zeldin’s competitor, Gov. Kathy Hochul could be seen making remarks on social media, condemning such acts of violence in New York.

Lee Zeldin has served as senator for New York’s 3rd district and is currently serving for New York’s 1st district.

The police have yet to release a statement regarding why the attacker tried attacking Lee Zeldin.

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