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Itzan Escamilla Wife: Is He Married? Family And Net Worth

Itzan Escamilla fans are curious to know more about his personal life as he has maintained a modest profile despite the show’s success. 

Itzan Escamilla Guerrero is a Spanish Actor best known for his performance in the Netflix series Élite as Samuel Garca.

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The Actor debuted in the entertainment world with the show “Vctor Ros.” In seven episodes of the show, he played Juan, one of the recurrent parts.

Escamilla’s performance in this show landed him a modest role in the hit TV soap opera Seis Hermanas.

Itzan Escamilla Wife: Is He Married?

It appears that Itzan is unmarried. He likes to keep his personal life and dating status a secret, just as his Elite co-stars do. 

Itzan Escamilla
Itzan Escamilla with his fan (source: Pinterest)

He has maintained a modest profile despite the success of the show. There are no hints about potential dates on his Instagram feed, which you may go through.

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He’s only been linked to one other woman, aside from the Ester Expósito relationship allegations. 

People started to make assumptions about his sexual orientation when he posted a photograph of himself kissing a guy on Instagram (which has since been taken down). 

However, Itzan has never revealed his sexual orientation or stated that the man in the photo was his boyfriend. So, we’ll just have to take his word for it.

There were rumors that Carla Dáz and Itzan Escamilla were dating, but they are friends and co-stars who clicked well together. 

In the past, there were reports that Itzan was dating Ester Exposito (Carla), a former co-star on Elite, but such claims were denied.

Itzan Escamilla Family Ethnicity Explored

The Actor was born on October 31st, marking his first day on the planet. In 1998, he was taken to his mother and Father in Madrid, Spain. 

Itzan Escamilla age height and w e1668770286204
Itzan Escamilla with his mother (source: wikicelebs)

Therefore, as of 2019, Itzan Escamilla is 21 years old. Scorpio, a water sign, is the zodiac sign of immense celebrities. Itzan Escamilla Guerrero is his true birth name.

Early in his career, the gifted performer appeared on Cable Girls, playing Francisco (15 years old).

Itzan had a perfect personality, a fantastic body, and equally stunning facial characteristics. He was said to be five feet and eleven inches (180 cm) tall and 69 kilograms (kg) in weight, with a razor-sharp jawline.

Itzan had already traveled extensively by the year 2020. He encountered various cultures while traveling to England, Austria, and the United States.

How Much Is Itzan Escamilla’s Net Worth 2024?

By 2023, Itzan Escamilla will have accumulated a net worth of almost $1.2 million. He could amass such a huge sum because of his acting profession. 

He is anticipated to earn a respectable sum of $50,000 from his modeling profession and acting. He is represented by Garay Talent, one of the renowned Spanish talent agencies.

He also makes money via Instagram by promoting high-end luxury companies worldwide, enabling him to make a respectable income and lead a simple life.

His net worth will increase as a result of new parts and other Drama series that have been given to him.

Itzan Escamilla Career Explored

Itzan began his acting career in 2016 as Isco in the Spanish TV series “Centro medico.” He appeared in only one episode of the series. The same year, he played Juan in another Spanish TV series called “Victor Ros.” 

He performed brilliantly in the series for seven episodes. She then appeared as Gorilla in the Spanish soap opera “Seis Hermanas” at the end of 2016.

Escamilla kicks off 2017 as Gonzalo in the Spanish TV series “El conclusion del Camino.” He appears in two episodes of the show.

Following that, he appeared as the young Simon Bolivar in a Spanish fantasy TV series. His outstanding performance in the series helped him gain early recognition.

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