ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Missing

ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Missing? Death Hoax- What Happened

ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek went missing after his House was raided by the FBI in April this year. James’s Death Hoax was all over the internet after he went contactless. 

The 54 year-old Journalist is known for his highly sensitive reporting about the U.S. military, covert operations, and terrorism.

His work has explored a foiled terror plot in New York City, an alleged cover-up of the friendly Fire death of Pfc Dave Sharrett II in Iraq.

A Hulu documentary called 3212 Un-redacted about a 2017 mission gone wrong in Niger where four U.S. Special Forces operators were killed.

Meek left his position at ABC News abruptly and backed out of a book he was previously writing about President Joe Biden’s August 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has kept a “low profile since the raid six months ago.

ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Missing? Death Hoax

Emmy-winning producer James Gordon Meek had his home raided by the FBI. His colleagues say they haven’t seen him since. Even close associates don’t know where the Journalist has gone. With the mysterious disappearance of James, he became the victim of a death hoax. 

A former team member at ABC News has reportedly been missing for six months after the FBI mysteriously and abruptly raided his home.

However, James’s death news or confirmation has not come, so it might just be a death hoax and nothing above that. 

FBI Search On Home Of Ex-ABC News Producer (Source: Deadline)
FBI Search On Home Of Ex-ABC News Producer (Source: Deadline)

Acclaimed national security reporter James Gordon Meek hasn’t been seen since an April FBI raid on his apartment outside Washington, DC.

Former colleagues at ABC News, a co-author on his forthcoming book, and even his neighbors say they have no idea where the documentary producer has been.

The worrying disappearance raises questions over whether the Biden administration has targeted or arrested the Journalist, a major test of the president, who made a point last year to put new safeguards in place protecting reporters during leak investigations.

What Happened To James Gordon? 

The FBI raided former ABC News team member James Gordon’s House in April. Bystanders told the magazine they saw heavily armed officers and tactical vehicles outside the building where the reporter lives.

Following the search, the FBI said it was conducting court-authorized law-enforcement activity in the area.

Meek’s neighbor John Antonelli noticed that the black utility vehicle with blacked-out windows blocked traffic in both directions on Columbia Pike. He moved closer to get a better view. He saw an olive-green Lenco BearCat G2, often employed by the F

ederal Bureau of Investigation, among other law-enforcement agencies.

Journalist James Gordon Meek missing since FBI home raid (Source: New York Post)
Journalist James Gordon Meek missing since FBI home raid (Source: New York Post)

Antonelli saw at least ten heavily armed personnel in the group. Antonelli recalls,” I knew it was the Lenco BearCat. That vehicle is modeled to be jumped out of so they can raid at any time. It can return Fire if they’re being fired upon.”

An FBI representative said its agents were there on the morning of April 27 at the 2300 block of Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia, conducting the court-authorized law-enforcement activity. The FBI cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation.”

Meek has been charged with no crime. But independent observers believe the raid is among the first and, quite possibly, the first to be carried out on a Journalist by the Biden administration.

A federal magistrate judge in the Virginia Eastern District Court signed off on the search warrant the day before the raid. 

Why did they raid him?

Agents raided the reporter after a federal judge approved a search warrant the day before.

Anonymous sources familiar with the operation told the reporter was suspected of possessing classified material on his laptop, something not out of the realm of possibility for a national security reporter.

“If such documents exist, as claimed, this would be within the scope of his long career as an investigative Journalist covering government wrongdoing,” his attorney Eugene Gorokhov said. The accusation in your inquiry are troubling for a different reason: they appear to come from a source inside the government.

It is highly illegal and inappropriate for individuals in the government to leak information about an ongoing investigation. We hope that the Department of Justice reportedly investigates the source of this leak.

Under amended 2021 Department of Justice guidelines, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco would’ve had to sign off on the investigation.

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