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Jamie Spilchuk Is Married To His Wife Cat McCormick, Kids And Married Life Explored

Jamie Spilchuk Wife married him in late 2014; however, the couple had been dating since 2010. 

Jamie Spilchuk is an actor and writer best known for his roles in Christmas Around the Corner (2018), In the Dark (2019), and Suits (2011)

Jamie is originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jamie Spilchuk will be 38 years old in 2022. The actor made his Hollywood debut in 2018 and has gained popularity among fans for his acting and action abilities.

Is Jamie Spilchuk Married To His Wife Cat McCormick?

Jamie spilchk was married to his wife McCormick in early 2014. Surprisingly, after seven years of marriage, the couple was not separated in 2022. 

Jamie Spilchuk
                                         Jamie Spilchuk And His Wife Cat McCormick (source: IMDb)

Away from social media and the press, the couple leads a very quiet existence. They have kept information about them secret and away from the public.

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Jamie’s wife, Cat, is a non-showbiz woman with a social media account but has kept it private and locked. she hasn’t shared any wedding photos and videos on the internet, which makes it hard to find out their relationship timeline.

Does Jamie Spilchuk Have Kids?

Yes, the Canadian actor has children with his wife. He has two children, the names he has not revealed to the world. The couple and their children have a very secluded life away from social media.

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Jamie Spilchuk’s children (source: wallofcelebrities)

According to rumors, they had their first kid in 2016 and became parents for the first time. They have been living with their children and enjoying his family’s Company.

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In late 2019, the couple welcomed their second child. As he indicated in the interview, it was difficult for them during the covid and lockdown because the couple was concerned about their child’s health.

Jamie Spilchuk Married Life Explored

He married his wife in late 2014; however, the couple had been dating since 2010. Before getting married, they dated for four years in 2014 in front of their closest relatives and friends at a small wedding.

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Much more information regarding their marriages is unavailable online since their relationship is very private. They have been spotted on countless red carpets beside one another, but their lives have always been a mystery to the public and the media.

In 2022, the couple’s relationship is still strong, and they love one other’s Company very much. Jamie is starring in several films in Canada, so the family is content. An actor is a family man who enjoys family Company very much and loves spending time with his kids.

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