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Michael Cooke Kendrick: Career, Anna Kendrick & Net Worth

Michael Cooke Kendrick is a Hollywood actor born on March 2, 1983.

Some of his major works include Looking for an Echo(2000), Celebrity Ghost Stories(2008), and Celebrity Close Call(2010).

Although Michael has not made a significant identity through his acting, he has received love from many people for his incredible personality.

Likewise, Michael is popularly known for being Anna Kendrick‘s older brother.

Also, he goes by the nickname Cookie Monster.

Michael with a selfie
Michael with a selfie

Born in Maine, Michael has maintained a low profile life keeping most of his personal information under wrap from media.

However, this article includes all the essential information about him, including some of his exciting facts. So, we suggest you stick until the end of this article.

Quick Facts

Before jumping into the article, let’s find some of the necessary details about Michael Cooke Kendrick.


Full Name Michael Cooke Kendrick
Known as Michael, Kendrick
Nickname Cookie Monster
Birth Date March 2, 1983
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/02/1983″] years old
Birth Place Portland, Maine, U.S.A.
Residence Portland, Maine, U.S.A.
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Scottish, English, and Iris heritage
High School Deering High School
University Not Available
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father’s Name William Kendrick
Mother’s Name Janice Kendrick
Siblings Anna Kendrick ( younger sister)
Height 5 feet 5 inches (175 cm)
Weight 70 Kilograms (154.32 lbs)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Body type Fit
Profession Actor
Marital Status Married
Spouse Liza Kendrick
Children Unknown
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Merch Celebrity Close Call, Celebrity Ghost Stories
Last Updated [current-month] [current-year]

Michael Cooke Kendrick: Early Life and Family

Michael Cooke Kendrick was born on March 2, 1983.

Likewise, he was born to parents Janice and William Kendrick in Portland, Maine.

Michael’s mother is an accountant, and his father is a history teacher.

Similarly, soon, in 1985, the family of three welcomed another child, Anna.

Moreover, Michael and Anna grew up together in Maine and had a close bond.

Furthermore, even as grown-ups, their bond is as strong as possible.

In addition to that, the siblings belong to Scottish, English, and Irish ancestry.

Likewise, Michael attended Deering High School and started acting in various school productions growing up.

A childhood picture of Michael Kendrick
A childhood picture of Michael Kendrick

Likewise, the information about the university that Michael attended hasn’t been disclosed!

Similarly, both of the siblings later grew up passionate about acting.

Despite being in non-acting professions, Michael’s parents supported both Michael and Anna to explore their possibility of acting.

Anna has made her position in the spotlight through her acting, whereas Michael hasn’t been very active.

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Michael Cooke Kendrick: Age, Weight, and Height

The [calculate_years datestring=”03/02/1983″]- year-old Michael has 5 feet 5 inches and weighs about 70 Kilograms.

His wonderful personality and charismatic energy align completely with people’s characteristics under Pisces’s zodiac sign.

Michael Cooke Kendrick: Career

Acting Career

Unlike his sister Anna Kendrick, who has made a big name in Hollywood with blockbuster movies, Michael has done very few films.

Instead, Michael has appeared as a part of three projects based on the IMDb information.

He debuted Hollywood by being a part of the movie Looking for an Echo, released in 1998.

Martin Davidson directed the film, was able to snatch the rating of 6.6.

The movie starred main casts such as Armand Assante, Diane Venora, and Joe Grifasi.

However, Michael appeared in the film as a minor character.

Secondly, after making his debut in 2000 as an actor, he did another project, Celebrity Ghost Stories, released in 2008.

The Celebrity Ghost Stories is an American reality show where celebrities talk about the paranormal experiences they encounter in their lifetime.

The series has a rating of 7.1, and its 6th season aired in 2020.

Thirdly, he went on to do another project, Celebrities Close Call, released in 2010, a series where celebrities talk about their life-threatening experiences.

Also, the series aired ten episodes in total and has a rating of 7.6.

Michael Kendrick and Anna Kendrick posing with silly expression
Michael Kendrick and Anna Kendrick posing with a silly expression

Nonetheless, Michael’s appearance in Hollywood as an actor is minimal, and all of his existing projects involve his minimum exposure as an actor.

Because of this, it isn’t easy to analyze his work relevantly.

Based on his acting career, we can conclude that this is not the only career he has pursued.


The actor is also a writer who has published some amazing books.

Likewise, some of his major books are listed down below:

  • The Fulfillment Factor
  • Your Blueprint for Life: How to Align
  • Blueprint for Life
  • Heroes, Villians, and Awesome Leaders
  • Supper Club: Creative Ideas for Small-Group Fellowship
  • Adventures, Catastrophes, and Great Escapes
  • Forty Fun Bible Puzzles for Kids #04, #03

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Want to know about Michael’s sister Anna Kendrick?

Anna Kendrick is one of the most celebrated celebrities in Hollywood, who has gradually taken her career to the top level.

Without a doubt, she is a creative and very talented actress. Not only that, but her skill also includes singing.

Since she was twelve, Anna was very passionate about acting and pursued her career in this field from an early age.

Nonetheless, she has a huge impact on entertainment now.

Also, with her charming personality and playful nature, she wins people’s hearts wherever she goes.

Anna’s Career

The talented actress has been actively participating in the acting profession since 1998 by debuting in a High Society, a Broadway musical.

Although it was her first project, she managed to grab considerable attention through her incredible performance.

Furthermore, Anna was nominated for the prestigious Tony Awards under Best Featured Actress in a Musical because of her impressive performance.

Soon, she made her debut in the movie Camp in 2003, a musical comedy.

Following, she made another noticeable appearance in the movie The Twilight Saga.

With another attention-worthy performance, she made her way towards another movie, Up in the Air, released in 2009.

Up in the Air straight-up placed her for Academy Awards nomination under Best Supporting Actress.

Nonetheless, the actress is mostly known for her role in the film Pitch Perfect, a musical comedy.

The film was released in 2012 and continued to release two sequels in 2015 and 2017.

Michael Kendrick's sister Anna Kendrick
Michael Kendrick’s sister Anna Kendrick

The hit film series has an average rating of over 7 and got Anna into the Academy Awards nomination mentioned above.

Besides these significant projects, Anna has also appeared in well-known roles in many movies, including Into the Woods, Cake, Trolls, etc.

Mostly, The actress has done movies under the musical and comedy genre and has nailed all the films she has ever done.

Besides movies, she has also appeared in many television shows, including Saturday Night Live.

Her appearances in popular television shows are equally fun because of her infectious, funny, and awesome personality.

Her Anna is living her Hollywood dream with all the industry’s success, and indeed she will continue to make more hit movies in the future.

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Michael Cooke Kendrick: Marriage and Love Life

Now, let’s spill some tea on Michael’s love life.

Unfortunately, despite being in the spotlight, there is not much information about Michael’s personal life, including his dating history and marriage, for public access.

Like some actors, Michael seems to be a reserved person and keeps his matter out of public access, making the information hunt difficult.

However, through some of his Instagram posts, we realized that Michael is a married man, and her name is Liza Kendrick.

In 2015, Michael posted Liza holding a gun at a shooting range, mentioning Liza as his wife in the post’s caption.

Concluding that post, we are sure that Michael is married. Also, he has plenty of other pictures of his wife on his Instagram account.

Unfortunately, there is no other source to find out about his marriage.

Michael first posted a picture of his wife in 2012. Although it is unknown when Michael got married, the couple seems to be together for now.

Again, judging his Instagram posts, Liza seems to be a fun-loving and outgoing person.

In a picture, Michael also mentioned his wife as a “badass,” which indicates that she is quite a daring person.

Even with little access to their matter, their time together seems adventurous and fun. Also, it would be fair to say that Michael and Liza are perfect for each other.

Also, there are no extra details about their married life as of 2021.

Michael hasn’t made any recent posts about his wife because he is not an active social media user. Hopefully, they are still together, enjoying their married life.

Michael Cooke Kendrick: Net Worth

Michael Cooke Kendrick has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million.

As Michael has played very few movies, it is fair to guess that his earnings from his actions are not in big bucks.

However, his sister Anna Kendrick, the Hollywood actress and singer, has $20 million [current-year].

Michael Cooke Kendrick: Social Media Presence

These days there are rarely any people who do not engage themselves in any social media platform.

Thus, Michael also has social media account for Facebook and Instagram. However, he is not an active participant.

He also has a Facebook account. But he rarely posts anything there.

Also, he last posted on Facebook in 2015. So, it’s clear that he is inactive on Facebook.

Secondly, his other social media account is on Instagram.

However, he is more active on Instagram than Facebook and has over 4k followers with over 200 total posts.

Also, he frequently posts his photos giving sneak peeks of his daily life.

Below is Michael’s recent post from Instagram, celebrating the presidential election’s victory recently held in the U.S.A.

If you are looking forward to following the actor on social media to know more about him, Instagram might be the best option.


Michael Cooke Kendrick: FAQs

Who is Michael Cooke Kendrick?

Michael Kendrick is an American actor, also known as Cookie Monster.

Moreover, he is also famous for being the celebrity brother of Anna Kendrick.

Which movie is Michael Cooke Kendrick most known for?

Michael is most known for the movie Looking for an Echo, released in 1998.

Additionally, the movie is rated 6.6 by IMDb.

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