NCAA: Who Are Keith Wheaton And Tracie Ford? Bryce Ford Wheaton Parents Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Bryce Ford Wheaton, a WVU wide receiver is the son of Keith Wheaton and Tracie Ford. 

They are the parents of current Purdue Basketball player Bryce Ford Wheaton, and they have been mentioned several times throughout his time at Purdue. Keith and Tracie have an age gap, and both their parents were born in Africa before immigrating to the United States; however, their ethnicities differ from one another.

NCAA: Who Are Keith Wheaton And Tracie Ford? Bryce Ford Wheaton Parents & Their Age Gap

Keith Wheaton, the father of player Bryce Wheaton, is a first-generation Haitian American who has built his legacy through perseverance and hard work. He was born in Connecticut in 1974 but moved to Brooklyn with his family at the age of 4.

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After graduating from NYU with a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems Management, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding QM Legal Support Services where he has served as CEO for 15 years. He met Tracie Ford, Bryce’s mother, when she was 12 years old and they were neighbors. They had their first date when she turned 17 and got married four months later.

Bryce Ford Wheaton Family & Ethnicity

Third generation Mountaineer behind grandfather Garrett Ford Sr. and uncle Garrett Ford Jr., who were standout running backs at West Virginia. His grandfather was also a longtime athletics administrator at WVU.

Tracie and her ex-husband, Jay, have three children together, Bryce, Jayne, and Alan. When Tracie’s marriage ended in 2009 with Jay and she started a relationship with filmmaker Keith Whiten, their family looked different than the average American family. There was an age gap of 22 years between her youngest child and her youngest stepchild.

Her kids ranged from 27 years old to 45 years old which is quite a big span. But what made this even more unique was that they were all adopted. 

As they traveled the world adopting these three kids, they came across many different ethnicities that were all blended into one happy family. There are many things that make this family unique but there are also some similarities too. All four of these siblings share a love for surfing and yoga and it has been said that each one loves being around each other just as much as any biological brother or sister would love being around each other.

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