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Jeopardy Andrew He Health Update 2023: Does He Have Cancer? Eyes

Andrew He health as of 2023 seemed to be perfectly fine, and he never revealed anything about his Cancer or any health complications. However, he has weak eyesight; therefore, he wears power glasses.

Andrew He is a software engineer at Impira and is arguably considered one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable competitors on Jeopardy recently.

His four-win runs in the past attracted enthusiasm on social media, but unfortunately, his streak ended after five consecutive victories.

He was qualified for registration for the 2022 Tournament of Champions, attributable to this success.

He competed in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Grand Finals against Mattea Roach and Eric Ahasic.

His birth year is 1997. He started competing in mathematical competitions in grade six, notably the American Mathematics Competitions, the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, and HMMT.

He finished in the top 20 overall in quite a few tournaments.

Between 2011 to 2015, he studied at Cupertino, California’s Monta Vista High School. He pursued competitive programming there in 2012.

In 2014 and 2015, he brought home double gold medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics.

He enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2019. So, without further due, let’s know about Andrew He Health.

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Andrew He Health Update 2023

Andrew He health is fine at the moment. He hasn’t revealed anything about him suffering from cancer or any other particular disease.

There were online speculations about the renowned social media influencer or icon “Andrew Tate” having lung cancer. 

Because of the similar initial name, people might have mistaken him for Andrew Tate and circulated rumors via social media platforms about him having cancer.

His health was fine when he first appeared in the Jeopardy on November 10, 2021. There were some medical examinations for him to perform to compete in the show, and the results were excellent.

Andrew He Health
Andrew He Health Source: TV Insider

During the entire show, he was fit, and not a single physical complication occurred during his tenure in the show. 

We couldn’t talk about his mental health. Judging the mental health of the contestants according to their recent performances would be reasonable but inappropriate, as we respect everyone’s identity.

He fell off during the third half of the show, ending his winning streak, which could have made history in the show if it had been unbeatable for longer.

In conclusion, Andrew He health status is excellent, and we will update this article if reliable sources provide any solid updates about Andrew He health.

Andrew He Eyes

Besides having American nationality and being born and raised in America, his eyes look Asian. Andrew surely has Asian history in his family. #

Further, He was pretty clever and very good at mathematics and numbers since childhood.

Andrew has weak eyesight; therefore, he wears glasses all the time. He was never spotted without his glasses during the entire show.

Andrew He Health
Andrew He Wearing Black Power Glasses (Source: Jeopardy)

However, he hasn’t ever revealed anything about his eyesight problems. The power of the glasses he wears or even the company name is unknown.

There is no doubt that Andrew is an attractive individual. He mostly wears black glasses, and his outfit is always sharp and intelligent.

On November 15, during the Tournament of Champions, he wore a black turtleneck sweater with black glasses, which had his fans buzzing.

Jokes about him copying the late Apple co-founder had also circulated throughout the fanbase after that appearance.

Andrew He Journey In Jeopardy

Andrew debuted as a new contestant on Jeopardy’s iconic game show on November 10, 2021.

On the first day, he claimed the final jeopardy game to take home an overwhelming $52,001 and proceeded to add the winning amount to his name.

So far, he is spotless and will challenge the records of former champions such as Matt Amodio and Jonathan Fisher.

He won again on Monday, November 15, 2021, extending his total earnings to $137,502 by adding $30,401 to his prior winnings.

He surfaced as the most robust dark horse, aggravating 11-game-winning champion Jonathan Fisher during the quarterfinals and progressing to the finals with an emphatic victory over 23-game-winning champion Mattea Roach.

Furthermore, he played a significant part in the match against Amy Schneider and Sam Buttrey, who played together, conquering the second round and unraveling an intense match.

He suffered from a notably poor performance in FJ but a brave attack with True DD in DD, and as a result, he validated his promise by earning the final runner-up.

People agree that if he had been lucky, Amy’s record would not have been broken.

Although he did not win the ToC, he is regarded as one who will make a significant difference in future special events.

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