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The Real Love Boat: Matt Mitcham Girlfriend Chloe Giguere; Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Matt Mitcham girlfriend, Chloe Giguere, is absolutely beautiful. The Real Love Boat cruise director and his lady love have been together since 2016 and engaged since 2020.

The Real Love Boat 2022 is an American reality television series aired on 5 October 2022 on CBS. The show is based on the ABC romantic comedy-drama TV show The Love Boat aired from 1977 to 1986.

Matt Mitcham is from Canada. He is the cruise director for the series. Matt lived 14 years as the real-life version of The Love Boat, making vacation dreams come true as a cruise director.

The cruise director even met the love of his life onboard, with whom he is in a loving relationship. Matt jumped at the opportunity to help singles in the show to find what he had.

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Matt Mitcham Girlfriend Chloe Giguere: Their Age Difference 

Chloe Giguere is Matt Mitcham’s girlfriend. The lovebirds have been together since 2016. While Matt is 36, his fiancee appears to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

As stated above, the Real Love Boat cruise director has been working for Carnivals Cruise for over a decade. He says the cruise line is fantastic and has great benefits as they take good care of the crew.

Matt benefited a bit more since joining Carnival because he found a gorgeous partner Chloe Giguere while working. When he met his girlfriend, she worked as a playlist production performer.

Matt Mitcham girlfriend
The Real Love Boat 2022 Cruise Director Matt Mitcham met his fiancee in 2016 onboard. (Source: Instagram)

With a bright face, he said Chloe was a rookie cast on Carnival Vista. The couple clicked instantly and started going out. Moreover, the smitten pair got engaged in February 2020.

The shared love of Matt and Chloe for travel appears to be one of the reasons for their happy and content union. We can spot them spending quality time while enjoying numerous beautiful destinations worldwide.

Matt Mitcham’s girlfriend is from Sechelt, British Columbia. According to her Facebook account, she went to Chatelech Secondary.

Matt Mitcham Family And Ethnicity

Born in 1986, Matt Mitcham is from Canada. He must have grown up with his parents, whose names and other details remain confidential.

Regardless, Matt appears to be a guy who values his bond with his loved ones. Going through his social media feed, we see he makes space for his family and shares a solid bond. Hopefully, their bond will continue to get stronger in the coming days.

Matt Mitcham
Matt Mitcham family during Christmas 2019. (Source: Instagram)

He is not only close with his family but also with his girlfriend Chloe’s parents. Matt and Chloe visit each other’s families during the holiday season.

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Matt Mitcham Net Worth

Matt Mitcham’s net worth must be a huge sum. The 36-year-old Real Love Boat cast member was a real cruise director for the Carnivals Cruise lines. His fortune comprises his pay as the cruise director.

Glassdoor reported that a person working as a cruise director at the Carnival cruise lines earns an average salary of $92526 annually. Thus, Mitcham must have made it around that range.

Additionally, cruise ship workers have many benefits. For instance, their accommodations are provided by Company. As a result, they save almost everything they earn.

Furthermore, The Real Love Boat series might also pay a hefty sum to Matt for being their cruise director. Nonetheless, Matt Mitcham is doing well in his personal and professional life.

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