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Jessica Knoll, A Victim Of Rape In High School And Later A School Shooting, The True Story Behind Netflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive

Jessica Knoll, an American writer, is the author of the 2015 New York Times Bestselling mystery book Luckiest Girl Alive, her first book.

It is written in the first person narrative and was initially released on May 12, 2015, by Simon & Schuster in the U.S. and Pan Macmillan in Australia.

The story revolves around a young woman who, after experiencing a string of gruesome incidents as a teenager, has tried to remake herself as an adult.

Ani Fanelli, the main character, is also called Tifani, Tif, and Finny throughout the book. The Luckiest Girl Alive paperback edition was made available in April 2016.

Jessica Knoll, A Victim Of Rape In High School And Later A School Shooting

Luckiest Girl Alive, written by New York Times bestselling novelist Jessica Knoll, will soon be a major Netflix motion picture starring Mila Kunis.

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She has held the positions of articles editor at Self and senior editor at Cosmopolitan.

After growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, she attended The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York.

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Jessica Knoll with her husband.
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She & her husband live in Los Angeles with their bulldog, Beatrice. Her second book is titled The Favorite Sister.

The True Story Behind Netflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive

Ani, 28, seems to have a beautiful life at first glance. She has a devoted fiancé who comes from an affluent family and works as an editor at a glitzy New York City women’s magazine.

But Ani also conceals a secret: throughout her adolescent years, she went through a series of gruesome and emotionally draining experiences, including a school shooting, which influenced her far into adulthood.

Ani was gang raped when she was 14, as revealed throughout the book. After the assault, she tried to ask for assistance, but her peers mocked her and cruelly bullied her since they didn’t believe her.

Jessica Knoll book
Jessica Knoll’s first book
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As the narrative goes on, Ani starts to wonder if her current existence is what she wants and needs and if she is content with who she has become.

Knoll drew inspiration from her experiences of gang rape and bullying as a youngster while creating the book.

While promoting the hardcover book, Knoll first kept this information private, telling supporters that she based the rape and its aftermath on accounts she had heard from others.

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In a piece for the online feminist publication Lenny Letter in March 2016, Knoll discussed her experiences as a rape survivor.

She added that she came forward due to meeting other rape survivors at book signings.

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