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Jhene Aiko No Make Up Look Viral On Reddit And TikTok: Has She Done Plastic Surgery; Beauty Secret

Jhene Aiko’s No makeup look has gone viral, and women are wondering about her skincare secret.

Jhene Aiko is the new face of Kat Von D Beauty’s True Portrait Foundation, and the gifts just keep on coming. 

Aiko also filmed an ASMR video to introduce us to the product that gives you the natural-looking glow of someone like Aiko, who drinks enough water, values sleep, puts effort into her skincare, and doesn’t want to entirely hide all that hard work up.

She has provided people with infinite free skin inspiration through her full Instagram account, an honest assessment of Fraxel, and, most recently, listenable relaxation and alchemy healing through her Trigger Protection Mantra recording.

Jhene Aiko No Make Up Look Viral On Reddit And TikTok

After Jhene Aiko’s no makeup look went viral on TikTok and Reddit, girls were curious to know about her skincare secret.

She applies her foundation with her fingertips and enjoys making it a true self-care time by massaging her face.

The singer decided to share her favorite foundation recommendation with her Instagram followers, along with a lovely photo to show off the base products’ performance.

Jhene Aiko giving Makeup Tutorial (Source: Pinterest)

KVD Vegan Beauty’s 100% Vegan True Portrait Medium Coverage Shake Foundation is what she’s wearing.

As if Aiko’s flawless face wasn’t enough proof that this foundation works its magic, it’s also known for smoothing the complexion and reducing the appearance of pores and imperfections.

She also uploaded a calming Makeup Tutorial for midday, everyday looks. Aiko claims she doesn’t wear makeup when she’s among people she knows well (including her partner).

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Jhene Aiko Beauty Secret: What Is Her Skincare Routine?

When asked about her skincare routine, Jhene said that she has started using more natural ingredients and making her own concoctions.

She mentioned that her skin is extremely sensitive and that treatments could be costly. So her program now focuses on sustaining past results. 

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Jhene Aiko’s flawless bare skin (Source: Instagram)

She also favors neem and calendula oil. The weather, her stress levels, where she is, and the climate all have an impact on her skin, so she always has a variety of products available to mix and match.

Aiko disclosed that she cleanses her skin with Alastin light cleanser before exfoliating with Lancer polish. Before applying serums and moisturizers, she uses a unique seaweed toner. 

She follows her toner with IS Clinical Pro Heal and takes IS Clinical Active serum as a spot treatment if she has a breakout.

Has Jhene Aiko Underwent Plastic Surgery?

Jhene Aiko, an American singer and songwriter, is reported to have undergone plastic surgery to advance her career.

Celebrity site Media Takeout suspected Aiko of receiving plastic surgery, sharing old and new photos of the R&B singer and stating that she got eyelid surgery to advance in her profession.

According to a site, after reviewing images of R&B artist Jhene Aiko, it’s very evident that she did something to make her eyes look more European.

However, Aiko dismissed the plastic surgery claims as entirely false.

The singer told RumorFix that she could tell them it was fake because she was just a quarter Japanese. “Eye surgery to look less Asian? the reach is real. Lol,” Jhene said.

Jhene Aiko’s Daughter Taught Her To Love Her Skin

Jhene added that looking at her kid and seeing how beautiful she is taught her to be more comfortable in her own skin and to embrace herself.

Her daughter helped her appreciate the beauty in everyone, even herself.

The singer wants to set a good example for her kid, so she’s been teaching her about skin care, drinking water, taking vitamins, and eating vegetables.

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