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What Is Gary Valenciano Religion? Family Ethnicity And Origin

People are curiously searching for Gary Valenciano Religion as he was the special guest for Eraserheads Reunion Concert on December 22. 

Edgardo Jose Santiago Valenciano, popular as Gary V., is a Filipino singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, actor, producer, and television personality. 

Valenciano has 39 albums to his credit and has received the Awit Award for “Best Male Performer” 12 times.

He is presently an ABS-CBN contract artist, having been a regular on the Sunday noontime musical variety show ASAP and the weekday noontime singing contest segment of It’s Showtime. 

Valenciano is frequently tapped to sing theme songs for the network’s soap operas and in-house film arm, Star Cinema. Aside from music, he has served as UNICEF Philippines’ first National Ambassador since 1998.

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Valenciano has received the ASAP Elite Platinum Circle Award multiple times for his contributions to the local music scene. He has received multi-platinum recording honors for most of his full-length studio albums during his 34-year career in the music industry.

What Is Gary Valenciano Religion?

The religion of Gary Valenciano is Christianity. He has made strides in reaching out to people of diverse religious backgrounds while living in a nation where the majority of the population practices Islam.

In 1985, Gary and his wife accepted Christ during supper at Angeli’s sister’s house. Gary noticed a Bible on the table as they were leaving. 

When his brother-in-law questioned who Jesus was, Gary replied, “the Son of God.” (Gary had some religious education.) Gary came to a halt when asked what would happen if he died that day. 

Gary could only see heaven and hell no matter what he tried. All of his excellent works, benefits, and so on seemed useless. That night, Gary and Angeli both accepted Christ. 

Gary Valenciano
Gary Valenciano Celebrating Christmas With His Family (Source: Instagram)

They saw a difference: Gary’s job concerns had vanished, and his spirit had lifted.

Gary’s music is consistently at the top of the pop charts, but he also makes Christian music. The Philippines is home to a sizable Muslim population. 

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Gary claims that several of his CDs can be found in the CD collections of most Muslim families. This amazes him because he always includes two or three songs on his secular CDs that are directly or indirectly about the Lord. 

While few Muslims attend concerts, Gary’s motorcades preceding his shows are always well-received in Muslim communities.

Gary Valenciano Family Ethnicity And Origin Explored 

Gary Valenciano is a musician from the Philippines. Vicente Calacas Valenciano, his father, was a Filipino from Camalig, Albay. Grimilda Santiago Olmo, his mother, was from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. She was of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and maybe African or Tano ancestry.

José Valenciano was Gary’s paternal grandfather. Rosario Calacas was Gary’s paternal grandmother’s name.

Agustn Santiago y Cruz was Gary’s maternal grandpa (the son of Cecilio de Santiago y López and Alejandra Cruz y Frassinetti). Agustn was born on the island of Arecibo. Agustn was a white man.

Gary Valenciano
Gary Valenciano With His Mother And Wife (Source: Twitter)

Cecilio was the son of Bernardo de Santiago y Serrano and Mara López y Martinez, whose father was a Portuguese immigrant named José Lopes (later José López). Alejandra was the daughter of Santana Cruz and Rodrguez and Belén Frassinetti and Rosa. The surname Frassinetti derives from Italy.

Emérita Olmo y Serrano was Gary’s maternal grandmother, the daughter of Gabino Olmo y Onofre and Epifania Serrano y Rodrguez. Emérita was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. 

Emérita was either mixed or colored. Gabino was born to Galo Olmo and Asunción Onofre y Carrión. Epifania was Bernardino Serrano y Cruz’s and Dominga Rodrguez y Gómez’s daughter.

Gary Valenciano Net Worth In [Current-Year]

According to Media Mass, the Filipino singer-songwriter has a net worth of $215 million. He made his riches through wise stock investments, large property holdings, and lucrative endorsement partnerships with CoverGirl cosmetics.

He also owns several restaurants in Manila, a Football Team, has launched his brand of Vodka, and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume and a fashion line called “Gary Valenciano Seduction.”

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The artist has had a difficult year, but he has millions of dollars to help him cope. Gary Valenciano, 58, has risen to the top of People With Money’s list of the top ten highest-paid singers for 2022, with an estimated $75 million in earnings.

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