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Jimi Hendrix Wife: Was He Married To Kathy Etchingham? Kids And Family

Fans are wondering who Jimi Hendrix Wife is and whether they were really married.

Jimi was a critically acclaimed musician who rose to fame in 1967 after performing at the Monterey Pop Festival in America.

By the time he was 19, he had been arrested twice for riding in stolen cars. As a result, he had to choose between prison and joining the army.

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The musician chose the latter and served for a year. Following his return, he formed a band and quickly rose to fame.

However, the young musician became heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol three years before his death.

Jimi died on September 18, 1970, in London. He was 27 at the time of his death and is a part of the 27 Club.

Jimi Hendrix Wife: Was He Married To Kathy Etchingham?

Kathy Etchingham was in a relationship with Jimi Hendrix for about three years, but they were never married.

She was born on June 18, 1946, in Derby, England, and is 77 years old.

The two became a couple shortly after they met, on September 24, 1966. In the early parts of their relationship, they lived with Jimi’s manager and his girlfriend in Montagu Square.

Jimi Hendrix Wife
Kathy Etchingham at 23 Brook Street, London. (Source: Handel & Hendrix)

However, they were forced to move owing to the racial prejudices of the time and the “rock-and-roll lifestyle” that people tended to frown upon.

The couple, alongside their previous flatmates, then moved to Berkeley Square. This living arrangement was short-lived, and they finally moved to 23 Brook Street in Mayfair.

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This place of their dwelling now functions as a museum.

The two continued to live there until they broke up. The reason for their separation remains unveiled.

Even though it was legal at the time, many people believed that the duo did not get married because they feared the social backlash their interracial marriage would bring. 

Meet Jimi Hendrix Kids

Jimi Hendrix has one child – James Daniel Sundquist. 

James was born in Sweden on October 5, 1969, and is 54 years old. His mother is Eva Sundquist. 

Hendrix allegedly has other children, but James is legally the only one to be declared his son. He takes after his father and plays the guitar. 

Though his father was aware of him, the two could not meet. Jimi had promised to meet him when he returned to Stockholm for a performance but was unable to do so.

Jimi made further promises but died only a month after his Stockholm performance.

After his father’s death, his grandfather, i.e., Jimi Hendrix’s father, James Allen Hendrix, “Al,” took possession of the world-famous musician’s entire wealth.

Jimi Hendrix Kids
James Daniel Sundquist – Jimi Hendrix’s Son. (Source: Reddit)

In light of this, the younger James sued his grandfather for leaving him out of his father’s inheritance.

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The lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court dragged on for years because of the lack of empirical evidence that James was Jimi’s son.

Who Are Jimi Hendrix Family?

Jimi Hendrix was born to James “Al” Hendrix and Lucille Jeter on November 12, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, United States. 

He was the oldest child and had four younger siblings – Leon, Joseph, Kathy, and Pamela.

Jimi Hendrix Family
Jimi at three years of age with his father. (Source: Daily Mail)

Except for Jimi and Leon, the remaining Hendrix children were given to foster homes because of the family’s inability to care for them.

When he was nine, his parents divorced, and his Father gained sole custody of him and his brother. 

In later years, Jimi had many relationships but never a regular “family.”

He was in a live-in relationship with Kathy Etchingham for three years and was also engaged to Kirsten Nefer at the time of his death.

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