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Jay Wheeler Girlfriend Or Wife: Net Worth Age Height & Instagram

Countless hearts have been crushed since the news about Jay Wheeler having a girlfriend surfaced on media.

Absorbed by the musical world at a young age, Mr. Wheeler is a famous Latin singer and rapper from Puerto Rico. Jay got an opportunity to sing at a church when he was small, and his interest in music has been piqued ever since that.

However, due to constant bullying at school, the rapper stopped singing. But how did he become a renowned singer and songwriter now? You may wonder.

Jay faced a break-up at 16 years old, and to overcome the heartbreak, he wrote and sang a song. The song went viral in no time. The incident encouraged the young man to pursue his dreams; now, he is with millions of fans worldwide.

Rapper, Jay Wheeler
Rapper, Jay Wheeler

Recently, as Jay Wheeler has been one of the ‘Latin Music Finalists,’ his wiki details are googled frequently.

Hence, keeping the fans in mind, we have compiled the young singer’s life details.

So, bear with us to know Jay Wheeler’s age, net worth, and life partner.

Jay Wheeler Girlfriend or Wife: Who is She?

Jay Wheeler’s girlfriend is Zhamira Zambrano.

According to Famous Birthdays, Zhamira is 24 years old as she was born on 27th February 1998.

Likewise, Jay’s girlfriend is also a famous music artist who rose to prominence for her cover songs. It has been rumored that she met Jay during an event where they exchanged some communication and started dating.

Though the pair had been dating for quite some time, the rapper only made the news official in January 2022. And, now both of them often seem to express their feeling for each other through music. 

Jay Wheeler with his girlfriend Zhamira on her birthday
Jay Wheeler with his girlfriend Zhamira on her birthday

Jay and Zhamira share an extraordinary love, which is vividly seen on Zhamira’s social media handles.

Also, the pair leave no opportunity to have fun together and are constantly updating their TikTok with random fun videos.

His Net Worth: How Much

The famous singer’s recent net worth is about $7.51 million, as reported by an online source.

Though most of Jay’s income comes from singing, his YouTube channel has contributed significantly to his fortune. He has around 4 million subscribers.

The rapper has released at least one musical album every year since 2019.

As of 2022, Jay Wheelers has released 2 albums,” De Mi Para Ti” and “El Amor Y Yo.” Recently, he has been pretty occupied with promoting his upcoming album “Emociones.”

So, the singer has accumulated enough wealth at a very young age and often seems to enjoy a lucrative life.

Jay Wheeler’s Age And Height

Mr. Wheeler’s age is 28 years old as of 2022.

 He stands tall at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch.

According to Jay’s Wikipedia bio, he was born on 1994 to a middle-class family in Puerto Rico. And his birthday is celebrated on 25th April. 

Moreover, though he was born in Puerto Rico, he spent most of his time in the United States. Also, we are not sure if the singer is the only child or if he has siblings. But, his real name is José Ángel López Martínez.

Nonetheless, Jay’s parents were very supportive of his musical career.

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Meet Jay On Instagram

Jay Wheeler is available on Instagram as @jaywheelerpr.

The singer seemed to join the platform recently in August 2022. He has made only 3 posts until now, but his handle is already verified with a blue tick.

Additionally, he has 4.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Apart from Instagram, Jay is quite active on Twitter and TikTok. He joined Twitter on 2011 as @jaywheelerpr.

Nonetheless, you can stay updated on his latest songs by subscribing to his YouTube channel and Soundcloud.





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