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Jordan Loughran: Personal Life, Career & Net Worth

Born in the United Kingdom, Jordan Loughran is an actress but has American citizenship.

She is famous for her appearance in Raised by Wolves. Jordan has appeared in various television shows and acted since 13 years old.

Jordan Loughran.
Jordan Loughran is striking a pose.

Additionally, she appeared in Doctors, Emerald City, The Infiliator, and Dixi.

This article discusses the personal life, career, social media, relationship, and net worth of Jordan Loughran. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Jordan Loughran: 

Full Name Jordan Loughran
Birth Date June 12, 1992
Place of Birth Stratford, United Kingdom 
Current location The United States of America
Nationality American 
Religion Christianity 
Hobbies Food and Travelling 
Education Grey Coat Hospital School for Girls and King’s College
Zodiac Sign Pisces 
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Sister Lola Mae Loughran
Age 31 years old
Height 5 feet (1.52 m) 
Weight 42 kg (132 pounds) 
Eye Color Brown 
Hair Color Black
Profession Actress
Relationship  N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth  $1.5 million 
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Last Update April, 2024

Jordan Loughran: Age, Zodiac, Height, and Weight 

Jordan Loughran stands 5 feet tall. Similarly, her body weight is around 42 kg. In addition, the “Raised by the Wolves” actress has brown eyes and black hair.

Furthermore, the British actress is 31 years old. Jordan was born under the astrological sign Pisces as well.

Like the water lily (the official flower of Pisces), they represent clarity and delicate fortitude.

Also, Pisce’s personalities are among the most compassionate zodiac signs. They will go to tremendous efforts to ensure that everyone around them is happy.

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Jordan Loughran: Personal Life 

On June 12, 1992, Jordan Loughran was born in Stratford, England, but has American citizenship.

Despite her origins in the United Kingdom, she is of American descent and adheres to the Christian faith.

Jordan Loughran as a kid.
Jordan Loughran as a kid.

Unfortunately, no information about her parents is available. But it is known that her mother is of African-American descent.

And the actress does have a sister, Lola Mae Loughran, who was born on May 25, 1997.


Loughran studied at Westminster’s Grey Coat Hospital School for Girls. Subsequently, she enrolled in Camden School for Girls for her Sixth Form of education.

Furthermore, Jordan’s love of languages brought her to King’s College in London, majoring in French and Spanish.


She hasn’t been forthcoming about her romantic relationships. However, there are certain speculations about the actress.

For the time being, Jordan is unmarried and content with her life, focusing on her burgeoning career.

However, this could be the reason she isn’t open to dating any and everyone.

Jordan Loughran: Career

The actress began her career as an actress when she was just 13 years old. She started practicing and found herself an agency after gaining permission from her mum.

Moreover, one of her first roles was in the CBBC show UgetMe. She also starred in the award-winning short movie Saving Nellie.

Her most notable work has been in the theatre, where she participated in Anya Reiss’s smash debut play, Spur Of The Moment.

Furthermore, the cast performed the piece in the Royal Court in 2010.

She notably performed in The Nightingale’s Death at the New Finish Theatre. Her career in the film and tv series began with bit-part roles.

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T.V series

She made her debut as Eve in the BAFTA-winning series Dixi. The actor portrayed Sorsha Doyle in The Evermoor Chronicles from 2014 to 2016.

The sitcom first aired on the Disney Channel in over 160 countries. Jordan has also featured in Derren Brown’s Apocalypse and Emerald City.

Jordan Loughran in
Jordan Loughran in “Raised by Wolves.”

Moreover, Loughran starred in one episode of Doctors and starred in Raised by Wolves, which aired in 2020, and The Infiltrator.

In The Infiltrator, she acted alongside Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, John Leguizamo, etc.

Jordan Loughran: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves is one of the popular shows Jordan has been a part of. Furthermore, she portrays the role of Tempest in the series. 

Aaron Guzikowski invented the American science fiction dramatic television show. In addition, the series debuted on HBO Max on September 3, 2020.

The story of Raised by Wolves revolves around two androids, Father and Mother, who are entrusted with nurturing human children on Kepler-22b.

Moreover, they were on Kepler-22b after a great battle on Earth. 

As religious divisions threaten the developing human colony, the androids discover that regulating human beliefs is a dangerous and tough endeavor.

Tempest (Jordan’s character on the show) was one of the Mithraic children taken by Mother when she invaded the Ark of Heaven.

Moreover, Tempest is a part of Mother and Father’s newly extended family, living on Kepler-22b with Campion, Paul, Hunter, Vita, and Holly.

Jordan Loughran: Net Worth 

Even though she has only recently begun her career, Jordan has proven to be a skilled actress with multiple successful roles.

Her acting abilities and profession have also significantly boosted her wealth. In addition, Jordan Loughran’s net worth is believed to be at $1.3 million.

Her net worth will likely rise in the following years if she consistently maintains her career.

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Jordan Loughran: Social Media 

Jordan Loughran is on various social media platforms. Moreover, she has thousands of followers on her social media profiles.

Jordan promotes her work on her accounts in addition to posting photographs of herself and things she is passionate about.

Loughran has over 6K Instagram followers and over 1K Facebook followers. However, none of the Emerald City actress’s profiles are verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who inspired Jordan Loughran?

Kristin Scott Thomas, who performs in French and English, is an actress that Jordan Loughran idolizes.  

What launched Jordan Loughran to stardom? 

Even though “Emerald City” was discontinued after only one season and received negative reviews.

On the other hand, Jordan’s effort was acclaimed and catapulted her prominence.

Is Jordan Loughran’s sister Lola Maer Loughran famous? 

Lola is also a rising sister like Jordan and has appeared in a handful of shows and movies.

Furthermore, the actress is currently appearing in a one-of-a-kind Netflix series called “In From The Cold,” which is breaking new ground.

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