Senan West And Dominic West

The Crown season 5 casts Father-son duo Senan West And Dominic West as Prince William and Charles. 

According to the sources, this play is Senan’s first onscreen role after a nationwide search to find the royal heir. Originally associated as Father and son, their space will be at ease online too. 

The fifth season of this show reflects the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Netflix released it on 9 November 2022, and viewers are excited to watch it thoroughly.

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Son Father Senan West And Dominic West As Prince William And Charles

Dominic West is a renowned actor, director, and musician who has set his legacy for a few decades. 

The Crown season 5 was released today, and viewers are excited to see him playing the recent King of the United Kingdom, Charles III.

Not only that, but his real son Senan West is also portrayed as Prince William, the son on the screen. This has made the characters more attractive, which can show original vibes effectively.

Netflix’s The Crown cast Dominic West’s son Senan, 13, as young Prince William in season 5
Netflix’s The Crown cast Dominic West’s son Senan, 13, as young Prince William in season 5 [Source- The Sun]
Dominic has set a legacy by working on the big screen and received praise for the same, but his son is just a newcomer in the industry but has entered through a big platform.

Moreover, Senan is just 14 years old and is highly expected to portray his scene well, as he has been the center of attention since the news of his involvement in this show was out.

When eligible candidates were auditioning for the role of Prince William, Senan also gave it a try. Luckily, he got selected, and now he can be a future recognized actor after this step.

Senan West And Dominic West Relationship In Real Life; Know About Their Family Too

Senan West and Dominic West are Father and son in a relationship. Dominic is the Father of five children, one of which is his teenager and new actor, Senan West. This duo has gained more recognition after their show together as royals.

From his college years, he was romantically associated with landscape designer and gardener Catherine FitzGeral. They married on 26 June 2010 and shared a happy family with their children.

Senan also has three siblings and one half-sister from Dominic’s past relationship. They come from a wealthy background and live a lavish lifestyle.

Dominic and his family posing for family picture
Dominic and his family posing for a good family picture [Source- Metro UK]
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Senan West And Dominic West Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dominic West has a whopping net worth of around 20 million dollars as a professional actor, director, and musician.

On the other hand, Senan West, who has just entered his teenage and acting career, has not entirely built his earning career well, so his net worth has not been out yet.

Slowly, reaching heights through his profession in the different shows following his Father, Dominic, will lead him to build a successful career. Moreover, Dominic is already a recognized face in the industry who has gained sufficient wealth working well in his profession. 


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